Heavenletter #4465 How Can a Worthwhile Desire Not Come True? , February 14, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
To everything, there is an answer. It may not be an answer you want, yet it is the answer you get. You may not want to hear that answer, yet it is your answer. You wanted a different answer. And you yearn to know why that answer. Why a no to a sweet desire of your heart, and you want to know why, as if God has to answer you the way you would like as well.

When your heart’s desire is not fulfilled, all is not lost. Consider for a moment, no matter how heartbreaking the answer is to you, the answer you receive is the right one. How can it be, you ask and ask again and again.

It positively absolutely is the right answer. Sure, you don’t understand it. How can you understand why on earth that your true love did not come to you?

I ask: How on earth can you understand? It makes no sense.

But what if everything that occurs in life or does not occur is right? Impossible for you to understand how that can be true. But what if this is true? If this is true, and you can accept the possibility, your suffering would be less. Your suffering would be a lot less. Your suffering would be non-existent. How can this be, you wonder, yet what if this is true?

It could well be that you are being spared what could have meant greater unhappiness. Right now you may be sure that a particular person is your true love and, yet, later you may see (or not) that you and he were not meant for each other, and there are other tears you would have shed mightily. How many times a day on Earth does a dream come true, and it is not the dream you thought it would be.

And then you ask again: How can such a good worthy dream held high not come true? You ask how can this be. You ask why. You ask for an explanation.

Further, how can it be right that your beloved one may leave his body and you never even have the opportunity to see what might have been?

Harder yet, how can a child be born to you, and your child leaves the world, and you are left bereft. And you ask further: Why, me? Why my baby? And the questioning goes on.

I will ask you: From the human perspective, how can any of this make sense to you? From the human perspective, what good can you possibly see coming from such heartbreak?

The perceived death may be for your evolution. It may be for the child’s evolution. It may be for the world’s evolution. It may be that you are an innocent bystander. All this is just about impossible for you to grasp. But get this far, beloveds. Get this far: What occurs is not intended as a punishment.

Surely, you don’t picture Me up here in Heaven plotting ways to hurt your heart. Surely, you don’t picture Me up in Heaven, rubbing My hands with delight, twirling My moustache like a villain in an old movie?

Surely, I am looking at a vaster picture than you can see. From My vantage, the pieces do fall into place.

You cannot understand, and this is what you may have to understand to the point that you can accept that it is beyond your understanding and you will not fight against it any longer.

How can it be that you are such a good worker, for instance, and good to everyone, and then you have a rough day at work. There’s that expression: All in a day’s work. Or maybe the expression is sometimes: All in a hard day’s work.

And there is the French expression: C’est la vie. This is life. Such is life.

Wherever your heartache may be, come to the point where you shake your head and get up and keep going and let the past be past and find out what life holds for you now and live it.

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