Heavenletter #4466 Even as a Story Is Told …, February 15, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Loved ones are never parted. There is a reunion of hearts. There is no parting forever or a day. There is a reunion of joy, and happiness regained.

On one level, you receive a final answer. Someone has died. On another level, there is an entirely different answer, and the answer is: There is no finality. Never, ever.

Eternity means no finality.

You are engaged in an ongoing saga. Nothing ends. There is no ending. What is huge now is a blip on a screen. It seemed forever to you. Although there is Eternity, there is no forever, for a dot in Eternity is hardly a dot. What is seen as horrendous is a mere dot. We can say that everything in Eternity is a dot. We can also say there are no dots in Eternity, for where can a dot stick onto Eternity?

We can say there is no suffering, for where can it be said that wars and heartache are armed? Not in Eternity. There is no armament there.

Beloveds, the life you live is not linear, although it certainly seems so. One event seems to follow another. Certainly, your life is a journey you take, and you take journeys on a road or a jet flight or a train that rides on tracks, or a ship that follows a course, or you walk on land or you swim, and, with your eyes, you can follow the flight of an eagle. You can follow the flight of an eagle.

Even so, life on Earth is not linear. It is multi-level. It is multi-dimensional. However, dimension does not exist in Eternity. The Ship of Eternity does not have anything follow in its wake.

There are no marks made. There is no preface or epilogue. Even as there is a story told, there is no before or after or even during. There certainly is no record kept of all the stories. There is no remembering, and there is no forgetting, for what can stay in place where there is neither dimension nor time? There is nothingness. There is Everythingness, and Fullness is of Nothingness. There is Love Everywhere, and, yet, Love cannot be pinned down either.

Presently, you are a human being who walks and talks on Earth.

Uppermost, you are a Being. Beingness exists. Holiness exists. God exists. Everything and nothing co-exist. Being resides in Eternity. Human beings reside on Earth.

Life on Earth is a mixed bag. Although place does not exist, you exist in two places all at once. You exist in more than two places at once, and yet there is no place. You are considered a multi-dimensional Being when, ultimately, there are no dimensions.

In Heaven, in that true state of existence, in that state that is not a place but a concept, Heaven is a true symbol of Beingness. Heaven is where souls gather, so to speak, even as souls gather now on Earth even as soulness is witnessed yet unseen. On Earth, light is seen, and light recalls Oneness.

So what can be said when all is said and done? All that transpires is imagined, as dreams in sleep are imagined. You wake from dreams. As you wake up from the dream state, you wake to dreams greater than you imagined. Sleeping dreams and the dreams fulfilled when you are awake are not even in the same ballpark.

I am having a dream, and you are in My dream. You fulfill My dream, and I fulfill yours, and, all the while, which of the seeming Us can tell whose dream is Whose, yours or Mine?

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