Heavenletter #4468 Love Is Going to Kidnap You, February 17, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You have been carrying the weight of the world, it seems to you, does it not? You feel that the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You feel a heaviness.

You may have misheard Me earlier for I have been saying that the Reality is that you are carrying the Light of the World. You are the Light of the World. Light is weightless. The Light You Are is beyond world measurements.

Come to Me and take a load off your shoulders.

Burden is a thing of the past. No longer are there concepts such as heavy-handed or heavy-hearted. No longer are there heavy-weights. You are not one. You are more like a paper-white bulb potted inside in winter. Even in winter, now your life is springtime. Now springtime year-round. Now, springtime is the season earmarked for you.

Spring is the springtime of love. Love is going to grow voluminously. Love is going to tap you on the shoulder. Love is going to pick you up and carry you on its shoulder. Love is going to kidnap you and never let you go, for love is your natural State of Being.

Now love is going to be sung from the rooftops, from the rafters, from every heart in town. No longer is love reserved for certain occasions. No longer is love on the backburner. Now love is the leader of the pack. Love has come into its ascendancy. It is not that time is at hand. This is the moment all have been waiting for. It is cataclysmic. The time is no longer at hand. The time is here. No longer does spring hover and not make up its mind. Spring is here, regardless of what your calendar says or your weatherman predicts. The winter of your perception is over. Christmas has arrived.

The spell you have been under has lifted. The sun has burst through the fog. No longer do you remember how to cry. You cannot make tears even if you try. You wonder how anyone can weep when they could smile instead. When there is rain on your face, you smile and laugh. Back to love. Back to merriment.

But, no, you don’t go back any longer. You go forward to love and merriment and new wonders. You skip ahead to what is next, and what is next is joy and more joy until the only thing you know is joy. Cowabunga! Not only are you the Light of the World, you are also Joy to the World. You are the King who has come. If I am King, which I AM, then so must you also be. The throne I sit on shall be your throne. You shall sit beside Me. You will be My right arm. We shall enjoy and make decisions worthy for all. We shall give, and We shall reap, and We will wonders prove.

This is not to be deferred. This is immediate. No more fooling around. Now get to it.

The dawn has come, and spring is here, and it is for the taking. All that has been heralded has arrived. Glory has been heralded, and glory has arrived.

Even in silence, the arrival of glory is announced. You are announcing it. You are introducing it. You are proclaiming it. You are living it. This is not the first time. And there is never a last time. This age of love has been revived, and it is not going to leave. All else may leave, but love has claimed its spot, and it is inside Our Communal Heart.

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