Heavenletter #4471 Come Closer to God, February 20, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Rest in Me. How many ways can I say this? Certainly, wherever your body is, come rest in Me. Be you in a recliner, a bed, a futon on the floor, a field of grass on a hill, rest in Me. Enjoy where you happen to be, and rest in Me.

Wherein lies your comfort, beloveds? Wherein lies your security? Whose arms are wide enough to encompass the whole Universe and beyond?

Don’t wait for Me to be a last resort. Let Me be your first port of call. Go where the money is, says an expression in the world. Following that train of thought, I am the Currency. I am where everything issues from.

This does not mean you are to curry My favor. Your intention is not to butter Me up. Your intention is not to show Me what a good boy or good girl you are or will be. Your intention is to come close to Me, come close, come closer, come closer to Me and come closer to your Self, your Holy Self.

Do not let the word holy scare you off. Consider that the word holy means clear-cut, no razzle-dazzle. Come close to Me, and you come close to the Heart of the Matter. You come more than close. You enter the Inner Chamber of Life Itself.

If life is a movie about you, you sit right next to the Director. As you sit right next to the Director, as the Director calls out: “Lights, Camera, Action,” it begins to sink into you that the Director and you seem to have become One. It is you who calls out. It is you who moves your arms. It is you who sets the stage. It is you who has become the Director and you see now that you were the Director long before the realization dawned on you.

It is your Self you seek. What you seek, you shall find. What you seek in your innermost heart is a glimpse of yourself without all the clutter and glitter around you.

Do not think that you will be alarmed when you find out that you are running the show. It feels right. It feels natural. It feels right to be in the thick of things. You have risen to Truth. You have risen to the simplicity of Truth. There ain’t no one here but us chickens.

This is an enviable state to be in. Rely on Me, and you will turn the steering wheel. How clear you become.

How many times have I told you that you are far far more than you credit yourself with? You may not have seen yourself as a chip off the old block. You may have seen yourself as a ragged interloper, perhaps a beggar in life. Life gives you hand-outs, and you are glad and grateful. Life withholds from you, and you resent. All the while, you are the Whole Show. You are the Director, the actors, the audience, the stage manager, the gofer, the lights, the actions.

All the time you have been the star and the whole gamut. You are the Writer! You are the story you tell yourself and enact before you. You are the credits. You have been the hero all along, and you have been the fumbler as well. You have been the Asker, and you have been the Answerer. You have played all the roles and thought you were the observer and the one who paid a lot for admission to this theater called Life, subtitled, The Way It Seems to Be When You are a Resident on Earth.

Now you know you are also the Landlord and not merely a tenant.

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