Heavenletter #4472 In This Eternity of Heaven, February 21, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Well, dear Children of Mine, what are you thinking of today? Where is your heart, and where is your mind? What are your thoughts on? What myriad of things are you thinking about?

Your heart and your mind are often in tandem. When you think of bills, for example, your heart may sink. And when you think of Me, your heart may rise. In Heaven, nothing is known as heart-sinking. In Heaven, only heart-singing is known.

In the same vein, in Heaven, in this Eternity of Heaven, death is not even thought of, and yet it is said that angels greet you when you leave your body and you come here, heart and soul. Angels do greet you, yet it is more like this: An angel sees you and says: “Happy to see you! Where have you been?”

Of course, to angels, you have been gone for only a moment. Not really gone, and, yet, angels had an eye out for you.

There are angels called guardian angels who are said to fly to Earth with you. Their attention is on you. In that sense, they have been following you. They have been desiring goodness and mercy for you and urging you forward. Rather than calling your attentive angels guardian angels, let’s call them Guiding Angels. The word guardian implies the existence of danger to watch out for. I would like you to get out of that mindset.

Yes, of course, the angels and I want to lead you to green pastures, yet the Truth is that no matter what, no matter how you might flounder and falter, you will wind up on your feet. And who is to say, beloveds, that every action you take, regardless of world judgment, is not the right action for you at a particular time and place on Earth. What the Earth may call a great sinner may turn out to be a great saint. Who really knows? Who on Earth really knows.

True, you might fall into a pit, and angelic beings in My service will catch you and keep you from being injured. In any case, you can know that you will get out of the pit and who knows how far you will go. I think you will go far.

Nothing is lost. A detour is but a detour, yet, on Earth, it seems to many that life on Earth itself is a pitfall. It has even been called A Fall from Grace. That is not a representative name. How can you be out of grace when I am with you? Where can you possibly go where I am not? I am as much yours as I am anyone’s. Regardless of what role you may play, you are Mine, and I am yours. How far away from Me do you really believe you can get?

You are welcome to Heaven. You are blessed whatever you may think is happening. You are not exclusively a struggling person on Earth. No matter your constraints, you are free to break them. You are free to free yourself from all your past convictions, You are free to embrace yourself with love.

You are free to move forward. No one can stop you from looking back, yet, at any moment you choose, you can leap over the boundaries that tie you to the past. The past that never was is gone, and you are My beloved Child no matter what. Our bond is unbreakable no matter what is going on or you think is going on.

Eternity is going on. It neither moves nor does it stay. If Eternity were a vehicle, We could call it an escalator you ride on, and yet an escalator that isn’t moving as you understand moving, and, yet, just the same, you are rising. You are rising even as, if there were a top, you are tantamount to being at the top now. Come see.

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