Heavenletter #4474 A Vivid Vortex of Love, February 23, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Divine is your heart. Let’s face it. You are My divine holy child. You are the Being of My heart. You are true love, although you do not know it yet. Every fiber of your Being is love. And you do not believe this as yet. You are a wanton from your beautiful self.

Humility is not self-depreciating. Humility is realizing from where you come and where you belong. You are not a mere scrap of Me. You are all of Me. Will you come to conceive that? When you can conceive that, how the world will rejoice. How the world will spin and spin and your heart spin and your DNA spin in great rejoicing. This is the day you are to look in My mirror and see your Self. You are My beloved, and beloved you are.

It is said that you need to have faith in Me. Beloveds, it is your Self you are to have faith in. Have faith in My child. That is having faith in Me. That is having faith that I created well when I conceived you.

You have to know that something greater is going on than daily life made of particulars and such. There is a whole grander celebration going on than any daily grind or even great grind on Earth. There is something remarkable going on, and it is you. You are a remarkable creation. You are full-blown. You are not incomplete. You were not a creation that I stopped in the middle of. From Wholeness, you are Wholeness. You are all of Me. You are not a cheap imitation.

When you can believe in yourself, the world will become a vivid vortex of love. The One Sun in the Sky will have met its match. There will be light blazing such as the world has never seen, or, rather, light blazing that the inhabitants of the world have forgotten. You have forgotten what you are the epitome of. You have dimmed your light out of some kind of mistaken appraisal.

Look at the real picture of yourself. It is not lopsided. Your thinking has been lopsided. You have misperceived. I did not mis-conceive. I conceived a beautiful creation with you foremost in it. As soon as I conceived of the idea of you, it was done. I do well, and I did well.

Come back to Truth now. Erase that cartoon picture of yourself. Restart yourself with a master painting of yourself. Am I not a Master Artist? If I am not, who is?

I painted Creation with special oils available to Me, and I applied the oils to you. My picture remains true. You were never otherwise except as you thought. You kept looking at particulars, such as bodies, and you forgot to look at the essential oils and Special Hands from which you came. You investigated finger nails, and forgot greater. You kept your eyes on the details, and you saw flaws. You saw flaws when you could have seen the ultimate of My Great Art.

Woe to you who does not see as I see, for you see fiction, and I see Truth. You see what you boldly call fact, and I see the Truth of you. I know the Truth of you, and you are going to accept the Truth of you. You will no longer be able to deny it.

You are beginning to introduce Your Self to yourself. You are going to say, “Howdy.” You are going to see the Essence of you, and you are going to see the Essence of every individual on Earth. The Essence is Love. You will no longer see all these imaginings that you have held onto as if they were some kind of life vest in the middle of the ocean. You are your own life vest, and you are the Ocean you surround yourself with.

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