Heavenletter #4475 A Grand Moment, February 24, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You are a nomad, you know. Even on Earth, you are traveling in space, in what is called space. I say you are a nomad because you are a traveler. As a matter of fact, you hop from pillar to post. We can call the pillar Heaven and the post, Earth, even as space and place do not truly exist.

And, yet, for all practical purposes, that is, Earth purposes, you are somewhere, always somewhere, hither and yon, Heaven and Earth. You are on the rebound from one to the other. You are more constantly aware of Earth. It is like a bird’s nest in a tree. You call it home when your True Home is seemingly farther away from you even as Heaven is as close to you as I am, and that is very close indeed.

The joke is on you, for I am you, and We, the One of Us, cannot be closer. You tend to think that I am in a faraway land when I am a local. I couldn’t be more local. Even as I cannot be located as you deem located, I am part and parcel of you, My beloved you, My Creation in Infinity and Eternity. No one, nothing, can separate Us. Only in your awareness does the impossible exist.

It is more than possible that We exist as One. It is more than probable. It is much more than likely. It is a certainty. We can’t even say “odds are.” There are no odds at play. This is a sure bet. We are One. Always are, always have been, always will be. We are infinitely and eternally One Gorgeous Being. From the beginning, We have known Our Oneness. From the beginning I have never lost sight of My existence. My existence is yours, yet you, this spark of Me, you see Me, you, Us, the One of Us, as far away as far can be. Therefore, you are far apart from your recognition of your lovely Being. Therefore, you are a stranger to yourself. Nevertheless, you are never estranged from Me and, therefore, your Self.

You find yourself in the dark. You have forgotten to open your eyes. You stand in the Bright Sunshine of My Love. You do not stand opposite to Me, beloveds. You are in My Bright Light, and you are My Bright Light. Bright in the Sunlight, you do not see Me. Get used to the Bright Light, and you will know Me as your Very Self.

What is so difficult about this? Do you make it unattainable? Look at it this way.

The Earth was always the Earth. Once upon a time, it was seen as a smaller place. Not until the Ocean was sailed upon was it seen as bigger than at first thought. Those who lived on one shore of the sea thought that was all there was. And then lands that always existed were discovered, and so the physical world became vaster. What had changed but awareness? Nothing new was discovered. It’s just that it was all new to the discoverers.

And so you discover Me. Your horizons are widened. Darkness grows dim, and Sunlight grows bright and brighter until Sunlight is All. Your eyes adjust. The pupils of your eyes adjust. And, so, your consciousness adjusts to the Brilliance of Me which, as it so happens, is the Brilliance of You, this so-called you or the You Who Is Called God. The fiction of multiplicity has been sown in the world. Even as it is fiction, the crop was reaped. And you settled for it.

No longer do you. You are becoming wise to the ways of the world. You are coming closer to your realization of Who You Really Are. And, so, you come closer to Me until the Grand Moment when you know what has always been, that you and I are One.

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