Published on Jan 19, 2013
Heavenletter #4439 If You Are Not True to Your Self, Who Are You Then?, January 19, 2013
Gloria Wendroff…

God said:
To be original means to live the Truth of who you are. It means no more imitating. It means that you rise higher. If you want to feel good, rise higher. Rising higher is what feels good. You are fast approaching the days you have sought all your life. You are entering a new stratosphere of your life where you are closer to the beat of your own heart.

To thine own self be true. This is when, right now. It is not comfortable to be false to your self. It doesn’t feel good at all to be less than your True Self. First, find out who you really are. Discover the underlying you. In service to others does not mean erasing your self and your self-worth.

In life, you do not always put yourself first. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you deny your inner heart. What does not seem truthful to you is not your Truth. There is nothing for you to be but what you are. Where does your heart lie?

Life is not to be wasted. Become acquainted with yourself.

Be part of a crowd that is true to your heart. To join a crowd because you don’t want to be outside it is not enough reason. Listen to your heart, and you will know what is true for you and what is not true for you. It may be true for the whole world, and, still, it may not be true for you.

You are meant to be your own representation of Me. If I am your Highest Self, you cannot be less. What do you want is the question. What is meaningful to you is the question. What means the most to you? Do not pretend otherwise. If you are not yourself, who are you then? Made in My image, then be the image of Me that in truth you are. When you come down to it, when you are at a juncture, what matters? What matters to you?

Maybe you like hiking more than you like all-night parties. Go hiking then. Maybe being popular isn’t so important to you as you used to think it was. Maybe you don’t need anyone’s vote, only your own, and Mine, for I vote for you to be the Real You.

The Real You exists. Bring the Real You to the fore. Come along with your heart. Go along the path that is yours.

You are here on Earth for a purpose. Yes, to serve Me. And how do you do that? You serve Me by following your own heart of Mine. You have your own special heart for a reason. You certainly don’t serve anyone being other than your True Self. Yes, I understand, it often takes a while before you become acquainted with yourself and Your Self. Sometimes you get on the wrong train, and that’s how sometimes you find out who you are by finding out who are not.

Set the beat of your own heart. What do you like? What do you want? Certainly you want more than to be in demand in a crowd. Be popular with yourself. Don’t go against your grain. Be true to yourself.

Acknowledge yourself.

Of course, you understand that I am not telling you to always get your way. You can accommodate others, yet you keep to your own honor. Maybe everyone in your fraternity is making fun of others. In so doing, they are adhering to less than their own hearts. Even if you are the only one, don’t go along with that which you know in your heart is not who you are. Of course, you have to look up to your self. To thine own self be true.

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