Rumors on Disclosure and NESARA
Posted by Steve Beckow on February 28, 2013 / Comments Off

There are rumors circulating that the galactics have despaired of the governments of the world disclosing the ET presence and may turn to lightworkers to disclose instead.
Steven Greer is an example of someone who might participate in a joint galactic/lightworker Disclosure. There are also rumors that this event, if it were to happen, may have a significant NESARA component as well.
If we turn away from the rumors and look for support from our sources, we can see support in SaLuSa’s messages.
He gave a clear indication of this trend away from governments to lightworkers. on Feb. 15, 2013. He began that message by saying that “our allies are more assured than ever before, and proceed to place the dark Ones where they can be of least trouble.” (1)
But having used the usual term “allies” initially, he then switches to using the not-very-common term “lightworkers,” which he also capitalizes (he does not capitalize “allies”), which usually shows the early use of a term.
“The Lightworkers now move ahead with renewed confidence and prepare to make a final move, that will effectively put an end to any last chances the dark Ones may have had to gain lost ground.” (2)
He has never before spoken about “Lightworkers” making moves on the cabal, always “our allies.”

Might Steven Greer be part of a Disclosure announcement?
In a very telling follow-up, he then announces that lightworkers have very important work to do and puts the spotlight on their activities, which he does not do often.
“Please do not get disheartened when you see little of the outer signs, that would indicate what the Lightworkers are doing. Most of their work is co-ordinated with us as together we have some extremely important work to do very shortly.
“Lightworkers are to congratulated on becoming settled into their new tasks, and their actions are every bit as important as they ever were.” (3)
Why is he suddenly thrusting lightworkers to prominence, rather than the Earth allies?
He then hints at sources other than governments being used in the Disclosure effort: “Disclosure is being pushed ahead, and now approached from several different angles.” (4)
To add to this impression, he outlines how the galactics know who the committed lightworkers are, where they are and how to bring them together when they wish.
“We know exactly which souls are aligned with the Light, and have a full profile of each of you.
“Furthermore, we can pinpoint your location at any given time, so those of the dark and Light are all under our supervision. What will be nice is the time that we can provide you with better means of communication, not just amongst yourselves but also with us. Some of you are destined to do quite a bit of travelling, and for your friends and family it is important that they do not lose track of you.” (5)
I think all of these statements combined are designed to prepare us for what may soon come.
He then says that “time continues to speed up and there are more key infusions of Light that are soon to be activated.” (6) An infusion of light could be a companion event to a Disclosure/NESARA announcement.
Earlier, on Feb. 1, 2013, SaLuSa referred to both a NESARA and a Disclosure announcement together:
“We are naturally aware of the ever growing demand for the Prosperity funds to be issued, the announcement of Disclosure and the bringing about of peace. Be assured they will be satisfied before long, and arrangements are well advanced. Your joy and happiness will abound in due course as deep down you know that you are already victorious.” (7)
Earlier again, on Jan. 25, 2013, SaLuSa told us “we really do expect some notable progress very shortly.” (8)
And he hinted on that occasion at the fact that lightworkers might be used: “Disclosure is forging ahead from many sources, and knowledge and understanding of our presence is spreading far and wide. More people with first-hand experience are coming forward, which gives confidence to others to come out with what they know. It is all building up to the time when an official announcement can be made, that will allow us to show ourselves.” (9)
So the question becomes: Are we being prepared for Disclosure to come from lightworkers rather than governments? Will it be tied to a NESARA announcement? And are we to expect the wave or infusion of love soon that SaLuSa has been discussing for some time, as part of this announcement?
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