It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth’s Place in Ascension, Etc.

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(1) The entire journey is from God to God, to mergence in God and loss of the individuated self. This part of the journey is from dualistic consciousness to unitive consciousness, or from the Third Dimension to the Fifth.

(2) I am also a devotee of the Divine Mother.

(3) A vasana is an archaic, usually troublesome behavior pattern formed in reaction to earlier traumatic events.

(4) And, in fact, we have done this with Raj and the Company of Heaven, many times — told them we didn’t want to know about one thing and then later asking him why he did not warn us of the pitfalls. Theirs is a huge task and very often thankless at worst or taken for granted at best.

(5) How similar are greed, control and punishment to money, sex and power, the triad of traps that people are so often said to fall into.

(6) “With time, as the three chakras connect the hypothalamus is ‘enlightened.’ This along with the new awakening of the temporal lobes and the mystery of the third ventricle we’ve discussed causes the secretion of a new hormone (not related to melatonin or serotonin) that you’ll be able to taste coming down from the roof of your mouth. The taste will change as the secretions go through a specific cycle, all the while instructing the endocrine system to further initiate the biological reality of your ascension process, and rejuvenation. We are not referring to the natural sweet taste many experience in the back of the throat when taking m-state. Nor the Amritha of the yogic tradtion. The Amrit nectar production is associated with an increase in the pineal gland secretion 6-methoxy-tetrahydro-beta carboline and is also sweet, and can tend to make one spacey. This new hormone is not limited to ‘sweet’ or associated with spaciness. It is deeply transformative; relating to the lifting of the veils between the worlds, the dimensions. One walks ‘solidly’ and focused in all the worlds with dominion; and this consciousness is associated with pioneering changes in the endocrine system.” (

(7) I experienced it at a meditation retreat perhaps two years ago, when, though in a higher-dimension and still, I was aware that I was accomplishing many actions without moving a limb. How Raj knew that, I leave up to you.

(8) So balance does not mean a proportion but remaining in the center of equanimity rather than swinging out to the peripheries of high emotion. I’m not sure that people really understand this and I could be wrong.