Archangel Michael and His Angelic Legion
Posted by Wes Annac

This week, we are going to receive a message from Archangel Michael in a special way. As we have previously, we are going to meet up with Michael and His legion, and I will act as a conduit for Him to bring forth a communication. I have recently received the idea to meet up with Michael and channel his guidance for this week’s exercise, and I do not know what he plans to say or do specifically. I guess we will see!

For those who may be unfamiliar, we have met up with Archangel Michael previously by utilizing a method of manifestation similar to the ones we have used when meeting up with the Hathors, the Golden Council of Acclipthys and some of the other souls and collectives we have met up with during previous issues of this Newsletter. When receiving the idea to have us meet up with Michael and absorb His impressions, He seemed enthusiastic about it and I look forward to seeing what He has to say for us all.

It is not often I bring Michael through, and His very presence during the communication will be boosted by our having already met up with Him.

To begin this week’s exercise, we are going to visualize and feel ourselves in a new astral landscape than what we usually travel to. This landscape is a beautiful, colorful forest with thick and vibrant trees and flowers. You are encouraged to visualize and manifest specific things about this wonderful place, and as you stabilize the impressions of this place that are coming through and presenting themselves to you as you aim your vibrations toward them, notice off in the distance that there is a small field among the thick trees.

It is smaller than a football field, yet easy and comfortable to walk/float around in. As we find ourselves drawn toward it increasingly, ask yourself — what does this field look like to you specifically? Are there any unique features to it? By that I mean, are you visualizing or blatantly noticing large or colorful flowers, interestingly-designed trees or anything else to that extent? Or are you simply imagining a field comprised of all the same physical trees and plants we’ve been used to expecting to see?

One of the most important things to know about these travels that I routinely attempt to emphasize is that we and our Creation powers are truly unlimited in these realms, and we can imagine the most wonderful and interesting of things during these travels. We can Create astral, creative art upon our beautiful canvas and with our manifestation powers that are derived from our visualization and imagination abilities, we can have fruitful and grand experiences that we will enjoy all the more knowing we have Created them.