The Ascended Masters: Your Power Goes Beyond Any Description We Could Give
MAR 19
Posted by Wes Annac
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note from Wes: I’m experimenting with headers in this message. Feel free to tell me what you think!

Humanity continues to make great strides along your ongoing ascension process, and we like many others will continue to remind you of this progress so that you can receive the necessary motivation and support you require along difficult ventures such as this one.

The Earthly ventures you have all made have been noble indeed, and you have helped raise the overall consciousness level to unprecedented proportions as you worked diligently from your corners of perception on anchoring the natural Creator Light you have always felt within, that so many of you are finally beginning to awaken to your ability to access.

The hidden-away abilities humanity has always carried within will be fully understood and known for what they are as souls all across your world who have found an awakening to the latent multidimensional abilities they hold within, work to enlighten the rest of the souls around them and help them to understand these abilities for themselves.

Increased Metaphysical Perceptions
The heightened and intensified abilities we speak of that you will begin to find yourselves able to access are those of telepathy, an increased inner perception and a strengthened ability to perceive of future events and receive impressions about such events, among so many other things. These abilities are and have always been yours to unlock and understand, and we implore each of you who are reading this communication to understand that you are much more powerful beings than you have been led to accept.

Your power goes beyond any description that we could give, and this is why we ask you to realize such power so that you can begin using it for good rather than continuing to Create unneeded events in your Lives that manifest as a result of your unawareness of your strong and natural Creation abilities.

The Creations so many of you have manifested for yourselves have been out of balance because you have not understood the power behind your voices, words and actions, and what you have allowed to be Created upon the surface of your Earth has reflected this on a massive, widespread level.

Unawareness Feeding Density
The density and pollution manifested and fed on dearest Gaia at present is being fed partially because the unawareness of the human collective who is indeed beginning to wake up to it, has allowed for it and while we do understand that many of you recognize and do not accept the way your world runs and has continued to run for so very long; the general collective vibrations have determined what is manifested and unfortunately, density and lower dimensionality have been the rule of the day on the Earth to the extent that Creations on the surface of your Earth are reflected by what has been put out on a massive level.

We do not exaggerate the number you who are on the Earth to anchor and bring forth genuine, positive and Lighted change, but even your number has not previously been a match for the number of unaware humans feeding and perpetuating density upon the surface of your world.

You are great in number and you have come here to assist in a planned evolution that is commencing according to plan perfectly, and the Light you have been able to anchor has been grand indeed and while the collective vibrations have for so very long been geared toward the negative, the power your little heroic group has been able to utilize is seeing the energetic influence continually shifted toward that of the Light.

In small numbers, you have truly been able to accomplish this grand feat and while so much of the rest of your world remains unaware and continues to employ the barriers and limitations of their fading physical experience, we hope you can trust when we say that the Light you are increasingly feeling within you is growing not just in yourselves in terms of your abilities to pick up on it an decode it, but on the world stage as well.

Growing Into Your Roles
More and more, your small collective of conscious Lightworkers and starseeds is growing as so many others begin to realize and grow into the roles they have planned out for themselves.