As channeled by Karen Doonan — March 7, 2013

“used with permission”
Those who are able to discern my energies will now be able to understand my communication for I come to communicate through this channel for a reason. For those who are waiting on confirmation of the new earth then this is confirmation of the new earth in truth. Those who have sought to keep truth hidden in plain view now fall to the wayside for truth cannot be hidden from a race that is now awakening in truth.

Much of what I am to communicate at this time may be challenging for there are those who still revel in the complexities of the old earth. They will find truth or they will choose to remain in the loops that are self created, it matters not for the new earth is now born in truth.

This moment was always to be for the human race, it has been challenged at all points in its unfolding and many have fallen to the old earth and the pull of the heavy, denser energies. That which is now unfolding will see the human race given back their vision, their power and their place in the universe. For those who sought to keep truth hidden in plain view sought to distort the human race for their own ends and this has now ended. What is being lived out across planet earth is the dying of the old earth energies.

That which is being reshaped and re-ignited is human race. For the human race has been kept hidden from the rest of the universe and this is not truth. The vast cover ups, the need to keep the population in the distortions that have been created for them all now negated by the strength of the new energies that now unfold upon and within this planet. For this has been a planet that has been in isolation, for its entire existence within the lower 3D earth energies has been constructed to allow those who are cut off from their power to believe they have no power, this is not truth. The ability for those who have incarnated within the human race to help the human race now anchor truth rapidly unfolds across and within this planet.

The only way to help a race so stuck in the lower 3D energies was to incarnate within that race, help comes from within the race in order that the support around that race can be accepted. The leap too much for the human race to simply open their eyes and accept that which has been kept hidden from them. This will now unfold rapidly within the sections of the human race into which those who share the universe with the human race have incarnated.

For it was always to be this way, always to be help from within and I ask that those who have allowed SELF to resonate too strongly with the human vehicle into which they incarnated now hear my words. That part which is aligned galactically now calls for recognition and it is this recognition that will allow the galactic memories to flow through the human vehicle and make sense of all that you have experienced as a human upon this planet.

Vast changes are set to take place upon and within this planet, all working to help move the human race in consciousness and allow them to accept their origins and accept the distortions that have been placed before them. For part of this process has begun, the harmonisation process now works to release the lower, denser energies in order that the inner vision of those who came to help this young race is now cleared and focused. The challenge always to be the deep teachings that were supported by the very race they were created to contain. This is now being negated and the rate of the increase of the new energies will now rise sharply.

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“used with permission”