22nd March 2013.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

As many of you know all that you experience is that of a vibrational rate, and the things that appear solid are at a vibrational rate that creates density which allows it to feel solid, and those that are less solid or fluid or even elusive to the senses are still there, yet the vibratory rate is different, so you experience them differently in your world.

But the key here is that your world is a vibratory rate at different levels, and some of it is more sympathetic more in line with your inner nature, and some is more dissonant or uncomfortable. Many of you have experienced this through being around particular people that you might not feel comfortable with, or being in certain situations that don’t feel comfortable.

We’d like to talk about how you can positively influence your world with the ever present vibration of music, and how as many of you know, you can alter how you think and feel and even manifest, through the use of the music that you bring into your life. Many of you have those songs those tunes that you love that bring you joy or happiness, or energize you, or as you listen to them they may make you more contemplative, or bring you inward.

Just as you work with yourself, your environment the color in your environment, the smells the people the experiences you have; to uplift you or to shift you into the place where you feel most comfortable moving. We ask you to entertain the idea of the entertainment, in this case the musical entertainment you bring into your world.

We make no judgment about the many different vibratory rates there are in music, yet we will ask you to observe that some of them allow you to feel more connected to your upper chakras, and what one might call those higher level of emotions of happiness joy of love connection, and even bliss.

What a beautiful way to influence the vibratory rate of all that’s around you, by bringing in the music that allows you to connect with the vibratory rate of the chakras, that bring you joy and love and happiness and connection.

For each of you the music will be different, but the music that as you listen to it you feel inspired, you feel the I AM presence you feel joy you feel like smiling, you feel like the cares and worries of the day have an opportunity to fall way.
You can be shifted to a place of looking at your friends your family your loved ones your co-workers your neighbors around you, and feel that all is well in the world because of the vibratory shift that comes through the music that you are playing, and the better you feel, with those what we will call higher level emotions as you listen to certain types of music.

It’s because that music is starting to replicate the inherent vibration of your particular Soul. Some of you may be aware that there is music out there that as you listen to it, it feels as if it speaks to your Soul, it feels as if it is a natural conduit for who you are, and brings you to that place of quiet confidence in your knowingness of who you are.

If you are one who loves music and plays lots of different types of music, we ask you to be aware of how you feel and how you look at the world, and your outlook on the world as you listen to that music. If you listen to music that you would say “Pumps you up!” in the morning, yet also makes you feel agitated, perhaps there is another type of music that could energize you that doesn’t allow you to bring in the feeling of agitation.

© 2013 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust
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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood