Signs of disintegration can be seen all over the world
March 3, 2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s path through the illusion has been long and arduous, but the end is approaching and the brilliant Light of God’s divine Reality is waking you up into your natural state of full consciousness. In that state your awareness is unclouded by emotions, tiredness, or fearful beliefs, and you see, know, and understand the wonder of what you are: divine and eternal beings, permanently at one with God. You have never departed from that state of oneness with Him because there is nowhere else that you could possibly be. However, you have imagined a state other than that, which, like an intense and horrific nightmare, has seemed very real indeed while you have been experiencing it.

You have no need to remain any longer in that unnatural and unreal environment, and in fact you are now in the very dynamic process of removing yourselves from it by allowing and encouraging it to disintegrate around you. Signs of that disintegration can be seen all over the world, and many are crying out in alarm as the institutions and organizations that supported the illusion can be seen to be in a state of extreme disarray.

It is suggested to you by the mainstream media that catastrophic confusion and chaos is inevitable if these systems of governance and the organizations that support them are allowed to collapse. But truly you have been enslaved by them for far too long, and their demise is overdue. They have been misleading you with promises of safety and security, which they claim only they can provide, when instead they have been spending enormously on weaponry and on building and maintaining strong military structures and intelligence agencies to enable them to keep their populations in a state of subjugation. People living in fear are far more easily controlled, so fear is encouraged, and most of the advertising to which you are exposed is also fear based.

The insanity of this system is becoming evermore apparent as its inability to solve the issues and problems that it has created is exposed. Always more money is needed just to maintain the ongoing unbalanced and corrupt systems of governance which have for eons been causing intense suffering all across the world. These systems of control and divisiveness which the wealthy and powerful have built purely for their own benefit are tottering, because those they would control are no longer willing to accept the yoke that has been imposed upon them. Without the willingness of those who serve them, those who would be served cannot maintain their arrogated positions of privilege and authority, and their continuing efforts to do so are doomed to failure.