God does not require anyone to take up arms of His behalf
March 17, 2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s long and arduous journey, since the apparent but illusory separation from Reality occurred, is coming to an end. You have endured much suffering, anxiety, and fear as you wandered, often aimlessly, through the strange environment that you constructed in which to play your games — games that have, over the eons, brought you much confusion and despondency.

Reality is clear, bright, and uplifting, and you chose to depart from It into chaos and confusion. Initially it was intriguing and exciting because it was different, and in a way you felt freer as you explored it, but your sense of freedom quickly evaporated as you found yourselves dealing with limits; something not found in Reality. Your needs are your limits, and as embodied humans you always have needs — clean air, food and water, warmth, shelter, protection — so much so, that you have great difficulty imagining or conceiving of living without needs.

Some of you meditate, and as you do so you remind yourselves that in this moment you have no needs, and that is good. But those basic human needs do have to be regularly replenished while you remain committed to and attached to your bodies. Ensuring their regular replenishment is very demanding for you energetically and creates stress and anxiety. Some of you believe that stress and anxiety are good for you, because you believe if you were not motivated by those needs nothing would get done. But, of course, if you had no needs, nothing would need to get done, and you could just be.

What you experience with your bodily senses as reality is in fact a series of experiences which your mind creates within you. There is nothing outside of you except what you project with your collective intent. That intent is very powerful and presents numerous “exterior” pictures for you to engage with, but your experience is always an interior one, an individual one, because you chose to engage with separation, effectively abandoning oneness — your real and eternal state. To awaken is to know that you are one, not just to believe it is so.

Over the last few decades many have become aware of the reality of your oneness, and of the insanity of thinking that you are separate, individual beings, unaffected by others unless physically engaging with them. As this awareness has grown, groups have formed to teach and spread this knowledge, and to encourage others to do likewise, and an increasingly powerful thoughtform or energy field has developed that is changing the way everyone on Earth thinks and behaves.

Look around the world and observe the myriad social movements that have sprung up with the intent for people to take back their sovereignty, their God-given power which, when used along with the understanding and awareness that all are indeed one, is bringing about enormous changes for the better in the ways that people relate to one another. Citizens of the world are being heard, and their right to be heard and respected is being accepted, as more and more governments find that they have to respond appropriately, honestly, and with integrity to their just demands.