MAR 11 2013
Méline Lafont ~ Lady Portia : We already accomplished everything in the future

As Channeled by Méline Lafont March 11, 2013

Beloved and cherished hearts of mine, let’s all together establish an invaluable connection once again, and see us in the hearts of humanity in its collective existence. I am with you all in incarnation dear hearts, I am here with you and I am present with all my love, all my glory and with my entire being.

I am you and all of you are me and together we form one unity and an incredibly strong army of Light. Not just an army of Light but a genuine fusion through hearts of hearts, and what can be more powerful than a heart filled with Love? Exactly, nothing is more powerful for Love is All That Is and Love bestows Life, energy and a feeling of togetherness which is felt deep within the hearts of all of you. There is nothing more wonderful than every heart united as one and merging into a magnificent sparkling source of Love.

Oh how my heart really yearns for this coming together with all of you for it is truly my Love and my heart’s desire to accomplish this within the reality of my incarnation. There is no wish nor an outcome that I would rather have seen fulfilled than this : real love, peaceful connections, warm interactions between humans, genuine compassion and pure harmony; a magnificent world in which everything evolves around the inner universe of the heart; the cosmic connection with All That Is! And this will come to pass my dear hearts, for it is the reason why I incarnated in this reality.

I myself as Lady Portia and my beautiful incarnation go to great lengths to bring this entire shift and the Ascension process to such great heigths so that as many groups of hearts as possible will activate their services and will join us in celebrating and in cooperating with this whole awakening process. Together we are strong and we can get the most out of it to let this wonderful world emerge according to your input, you being the co-creators.

Saint Germain, my beloved and loving other half and beautiful Self is now so busy with everything that will be unfolding and that will deliver you from your long lasting sufferings. He performs diligently and is working in overdrive so to speak, being involved simultaneously in numerous missions and assignments that he fervently sticks to because they are all so important in these times. Why this is so important in this NOW is because you have arrived at an important point and an energetic moment where everything should be duly handled, not just because the energies are most appropriate for this but also because humanity in general becomes aware of this.

We must take advantage of this current opportunity and proceed with the process and that’s what is happening now, my precious hearts. Do not feel sad or unhappy, rather be loving and grateful for everything that you are about to see, feel and know. This experience will be so breathtakingly beautiful despite the fact that you do not feel it that way in your human form, nevertheless it is so. There are countless souls in incarnation on Earth who know why they are here and they have started their missions which makes everything so hopeful and joyful because the actual outcome is a done deal, nothing can block it anymore.

We already accomplished everything in the future, precious hearts, and this is a fact! Feel how this truth quickens your heartbeat for your hearts are already in the know and they feel it. Now it is only a matter of persevering, fully knowing that you made it and that you act accordingly as you all function as co-creators of everything on Earth. Those who are and remain joyful and audacious will be affected in a lesser way than those that feel rather depressed. Be the strong and loving hearts that I know for this attitude will assist you in moving ahead and the more that humanity adopts this attitude the sooner everything will shift and will become your new reality.

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