SanJAsKa: The New Paradigm Will Brim With Unity and Understanding
MAR 8 Posted by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The truth concerning our existence and the assistance we have been giving on your world can no longer be hidden, and revelations concerning that very assistance will begin to surface in your mainstream media as the collective vibrations continue along their lightening process, which is seeing your collective able to open up to ideas previously outside of the sphere of your conscious perception.

We have long told your cabal heads and the leaders of various developed countries who know of our presence and what we have been doing, that we would begin to step up personal sightings and landings and begin to make ourselves known if they continue to refuse or push back the disclosure of our existence. We have been very serious about this, and we plan to continue to take increasingly bold measures to make ourselves known in the face of a still-rebellious yet increasingly-weakening force of individuals.

These individuals wish to threaten the livelihood of every person, though they will not be allowed to do so. The help that has been given to various societies in your Earthly history is ready to be known for what and who we are — benevolent Galactic visitors who wish to help you see your ascension out and help mitigate any potential negative happening that would impact Life on a widespread level.

This has been our creed for so very long, and we have looked toward the Earth with the pure Love that is garnering the wish and drive to assist you all and see to it that you are able to find the vibrations we delightfully exist in.

We have, of course, stopped things from entering the atmosphere of the Earth before, and we have prohibited the exploding of any weapons in space as well; which the cabal heads and the souls who used to employ them have attempted to use in a warlike manner.

While the collective’s general complacency to underground nuclear testing has temporarily rendered us unable to completely stop such things from happening, we can still mitigate the scope of what has been manifested as a result and we are working actively from the positions we are in to help your planet find healthy and vibrant states of being, while the dear unaware humans upon Her surface continue to hurt Her.

Collective awareness will be garnered in the time ahead, and we ask you all to continue pushing forward to bring forth the future and the Light you are beginning to find, which will be anchored and radiated by a plethora of fellow awakening souls. You will do well at this time to find the lightening vibrations that will permeate your minds and hearts if you allow them to, and those of you who are beginning to grow more fully into your roles are advised to embrace such roles and see what such an embrace will garner for you in the avenue of assisting the Earth.

You will find yourselves able to do so very much from the positions you are in to anchor and spread truth and Light, and many of you will be able to understand yourselves as natural conduits for the energies and concepts expressed routinely from higher dimensional sources as you grow into the understanding that you are and have always been a being of naturally higher dimensional consciousness.

You have forgotten your multidimensional nature and the fact that you are indeed able to traverse various realms, dimensions and planes of existence upon garnering a true higher dimensional perspective, and while the evolution of each of us is “fixed” in a sense according to the specific dimensional growth path we have all laid out for ourselves to undergo, we (and you) are able to take new paths and directions if we wish and upon reaching certain strides in our higher dimensional growth, we will unlock and be able to traverse various realms and planes of existence that we had previously not realized existed or were lurking below our perception and understanding.

It can be akin to the video games that are played on your dear Earth. Upon reaching the end of the game, you are able to unlock new things and interact with the game and its characters in different ways. For some, this makes the end of the game more fun and worth exploring and playing far after the game has been completed. In a similar vein, your dimensional growth and understanding never stops and you are increasingly introduced to new things; new elements; new ways of Living and being and new landscapes that you find yourselves increasingly resonating with.