Unconditionally ONE with ALL Existence
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ March 22 — 29, 2013
Received by, Julie Miller March 22, 2013

The highest and foremost goal within your existence is your evolution; your achievement as a beloved human being is the freedom from suffering, the finality of ignorance and being reunited with your Self — the ultimate expansion and meaning of your journey is the path that leads into the most esteemed state of completeness. Freedom has always been the main goal regardless of tradition or culture that brings you home to pure enlightenment. A freedom that is not founded on completeness of Self is really simply a denial of your true existence. Dear ones, actual freedom will include transcendence from such things as ignorance and negativity.

You are encouraged to come to the realization that enlightenment does not free you from what is false, instead it evolves you into what is true; what is found at the heart of all things is the wholeness that defines the complete awakening of your soul’s purest and truest identity. The journey that brings you into the esteemed state of completeness and wholeness cannot be caught by any physical or even earthly mentality — this concept goes beyond any conceivable imagination that is created within your mind. The state of complete wholeness is found only by transcending the element of forgetfulness, and then you will find yourself at the truth of your Self that is continuously evolving and emerging.

When you are able to recognize that your wholeness is unique and individual from all other dear souls, you awaken an inner state of knowing that expands all existential foundations beyond the normal thinking of the mind. It is here dear ones where your soul demonstrates through your realization of your complete multifaceted existence that goes well beyond your normal realm of understanding, yet it is within you to reach every time you take the time to go within and discover more of your true Self. Your innermost self is timeless and provides you with endless knowledge that over time becomes valuable wisdom.

Time after time from going within, letting go of all that no longer serves a higher purpose for your advancement of attaining a higher realm of consciousness you bring your Self into the process of rebirthing your whole and complete presence. Sometimes you may not recognize this when it happens, but when you do it is a glorious moment to embrace and rejoice. It is not possible to discuss reaching this state of wholeness and completeness and soul recognition as being separate from the united importance of your soul within your absolute reality. It is from the actual Power of this union with your Highest Self that your soul emerges fully awakened. It is understood dear ones that the path you are on will lead you to a journey that will bring you towards completeness will be found fixed in the development of your Inner Self.

It is essential dear ones to not dwell in states of confusion but to surrender your Self to the yearnings of your heart and to trust that your heart will lead you to your individual consciousness of the purest expression of your Self. When you finally realize your dynamic potential, your soul also embarks to join with higher realms of consciousness and each of you when reaching this state will realize the importance of awakening your multidimensional body that holds within each dear soul your I AM Presence. Comprehend dear ones that your complete wholeness will illustrate the purest reflection of a universal excellence that comes from your heart in the form of LOVE.