Message From The Arcturians — 14 March 2013
Suzanne Lie

Our Dear ONES in human form,
We realize how difficult it is for you to remain above the fear and sorrow that lies hidden in your world. As your expanded perceptions allow you to see beyond the illusions, you can perceive the truth these illusions have been hiding. These truths of how decadent your world has become is almost enough to force you back into the safety of your illusions. However, as Lightworkers you no longer have that option.

You can see and more important FEEL that which is hidden behind the curtain of deceit and lies. You have awakened to find the reasons why you have hidden away your great consciousness in a small corner of your 3D brain. However, now that your true SELF has been revealed, you can no longer stuff it into the corners of your consciousness. Fortunately you all have us, your true, higher expressions of SELF.

Without this connection to SELF, many of you have chosen to stay in the shadows of your mind rather that embrace truths over which you believe you have no power. Our ones who have chosen to wear a form during this time of great transition have taken on a huge responsibility. Many of you must remain alone and lonely in your knowledge of SELF, as few people in your life will understand who you truly are.

However, more and more of our emissaries of light are beginning to awaken from their slumber. Some came forth during the predicted time of ascension only to be disappointed. However, we the Arcturians want you to know that the LIGHT is around and within you in a way that you have not experienced for myriad incarnations.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this light’s first task is to reveal your inner darkness. As the guides and leaders of your New World, you must first clean your own house so that you can better clear your planetary home. Yes, Gaia is your Home, for you dear ones were among us when we first planned the seeding of Earth. You may wonder how you could be so old.

We remind you, our dearly loved emissaries of light, that YOU are timeless. YOU are wonderful Beings who exist beyond the confines of time and volunteered to enter into your current reality so that you could participate in the salvation of that which YOU created. We have told you before of your multidimensional nature, which extends far beyond the realms of time and space and into the heart of Source.

It was the frequency of Source that initiated the grand experiment of creating and then ascending a planet based on polarity and diversity. The Galactic War had been raging on for far too long. Therefore, it decided to create a planet upon which the members were created from the DNA of all those who had become desperate enemies.