Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Disclosure, Abundance and the Galactic Federation’s Organizational Structure
MAR 5 Posted by Wes Annac
Wes Annac: Greetings to you on this day, dear friends. I’m wondering if you could give us a general update in relation to the delivering of disclosure and the truth of your existence.

The Pleiadian High Council: With Love and admiration for each of you, we will be happy to prove our insight into this inquiry. At present, we are monitoring the collective energy levels to determine what the best course of action in relation to disclosure is, and we are looking upon a couple of different options.

The Ascended Masters are helping to oversee many of the matters relating to the delivering of abundance to every soul on your world, and we have been working from a myriad of different positions and on a myriad of different “projects”, one of them being the ongoing attempt to push disclosure through in small doses into your mainstream media so that the collective perception, which is largely turned toward your media, can begin to be opened up to and become aware of the reality of our presence, our wish to assist you and as well, your ongoing cycle of evolution that has largely been kept from you.

We are working on the softer aspects of disclosure at present while keeping an opened eye on the collective energy levels and admiring the work so many of you have already done to see our presence acknowledged and eventually accepted.

Your governments have been very resistant to delivering disclosure; some of them for reasons of control and others for political reasons and while we cannot yet give a concrete prediction as to which nation could be the first to disclose our existence fully to your entire world in a very blatant manner (if they were to stop stalling), we can say that we are also still following upon the potential course of disclosing ourselves if your governments continue to stall or their respective parties and the people behind the scenes continue to bicker amongst each other about the bringing-forth of disclosure and the bringing of your world into the Age of Aquarius.

There will be so many advancements and truths coming with the issuing of disclosure, and we are pushing our Earth Allies more than ever to continue in their agendas and to complete the immediate items on such agendas, which are related to a greater releasing of revelations about us within your media.

Again; we are also working increasingly to bring forth small revelations, and each piece of news you see about a UFO sighting or a potential Earth-like planet which is reported in a neutral manner, is the result of both our actions and those of our Earth Allies.

Wes: Well thank you so much for that explanation, dear friends. Knowing the importance of staying away from time-based matters and expectations, is there a general time frame you can offer us for the issuing of disclosure?

PHC: Please remember that we are not bound by your physical and time-based limitations, but we can say with optimism that events are being pushed forth in a much stronger manner than ever. There have indeed always been potential timeframes, because your reality is built upon potentials that you the collective take and manifest, and we could continue to point out potential (manifestations) with the added explanation that you manifest these potentials based on your emotions and a plethora of other factors and circumstances.

We could tell you of these timeframes which are always coming and going, because in every moment you are subconsciously feeling and working with the potentials and one of such potentials is always the complete disclosure of our existence.

You can collectively manifest this potential and affirm that it be pulled-in and manifested in your reality, and doing so will aide us tremendously in being able to push disclosure and the very ideas of our existence and spirituality through to a collective that has been blocked-up and unable to receive many of the startling truths and pure energies and perceptions the higher realms have to offer.