Heavenletter #4480 In Whose Heart You Are , March 1, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
I hold you in My heart, and you have no escape. You are a permanent occupant of My heart. This is My Will, and My Will is done.

Now My Will is that you know in Whose Heart you are.

Now My Will is that you know the Essence of Yourself. Now My Will is that you know where you are and why you are and what you mean to Me and what, one day, you will mean to yourself. You will see.

You are a blessing to Me. I bless you, and you bless Me. You are My blessing any way you shout it. You are My Own True Love. My heart swells with you encased in it. And your heart swells with Me encased in it.

We love, and there is nothing more to be said. There is nothing more to be done. We Who are Love, love. How We love! You swirl in My Love. We are the same Love, only you know it not. You hear Me not. You believe Me not. So far away are you from My recognition of you as My Beloved Self. So far away are you from knowing your Self. Now, come closer to your Holy Self. Come swoon with Me in love. We proliferate love. We are spenders of love. We are exponents of love. We are love unbounded.

You opened a book once, and you got only as far as the first page. This is like you on Earth. You have a lot further to go. And as you read the book of Yourself, your mind extends further, and your heart encompasses the Universe and all the Galaxies, and you expand and expand until the Universe is filled with you, and you are filled with the very Universe you carry within you. All is contained within you. I am contained within you. We are contained in love.

You think you see someone else when you see Me. I mean, you have a God sense, and when you sense Me, you are sensing yourself. You haven’t fathomed this yet. Your experience of Me may well go like this:

A most beautiful perfume surrounds you. It is so lovely, so desirable. You perk up. Where is this amazing perfume coming from? You look everywhere. After some time you realize that the supreme perfume comes from you. You are the bearer of this most amazing perfume. The perfume emanated from you. The God you seek was inside you all along.

The Bluebird of Happiness is singing in your backyard all along.

And I sing in your heart night and day without cease.

Beloveds, do you really think I am a more powerful God far away from you in a beautiful sky? I am beautiful anywhere and everywhere. I am beautiful in your heart. Familiarity with Me breeds love and more love. You are opening a treasure chest that has no bottom. More and more keeps coming from your heart. There is no end to it. And you, regardless of your opinion of yourself, are the treasure that keeps spiraling into your waiting arms. You are a spinner of love, and, on Earth, you also spin tales. You Who are Love, are also a spinner of tales.

The love you spin is true. The stories you tell are only stories. Get swept up in Our Love, and you a different tale will weave.

The tale you weave is the story of your life, filled with other spinners who spin their tales and intertwine them with yours.

I am the denouement of all stories. Come to Me now. You are going to wind up with Me anyway. Come, fly to Me now.

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