Human and Divine
Heavenletter #4489 Published on: March 10, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
In the world, suffering is justified, and yet suffering is not justifiable. It seems like suffering is handed to you, yet suffering is an interpretation you make. You consider suffering a consequence of something or another. Something happens or doesn’t happen, and you call it a cause for suffering. Such and such happens, and you are to respond appropriately with suffering. In Truth, there is no time. Therefore, there is no sequence. There is no consequence. There is nothing that happens because of one thing or another. Different things happen in a lifetime on Earth.

You look for explanations. You like to describe causes. You like to delineate reasons why something occurred or did not occur. You like to say, “Because of this or that, this or that happened.” Assigning cause is assigning blame. Whatever has occurred has occurred, and where you go from here is your responsibility. Beloveds, perfect reasoning doesn’t alleviate. The questions you ask cannot be answered.

My children may even hold Me responsible. You say that I did it. Or you say I wasn’t paying attention. Or you say I cannot exist. What you say cannot exist obviously exists.

Beloveds, life is what it is. Whatever life has handed you, it is now yours to do with. It landed in your lap. Accident or destiny, faulty or faultless, your life is the car you drive. You have to steer it. The question to ask is:

“Where do I go from here? How do I carry on? My position in life has shifted. Components of my life have changed. It is my life. It is mine. My life is a journey I have taken on, and so I journey. Sometimes I travel green valleys. Sometimes I mountain-climb. Sometimes I have to take another turn. Whatever the conditions, I venture forward. Who am I to protest the weather? By what right would I give up loving my life because of something that happened? I still have my life, and my life is for me to live. I have great resources within me, and I find them and journey on.”

The world has bought the idea of terrible, frightful, desultory, hopeless, unforgivable. Are you to forgive life for being life? By what divine right are you? If there is a cause, it is because you divide life into loss and gain.

Sometimes life pampers you, and sometimes it takes your shirt. You are a prince or princess who does not have to be pampered. You don’t have to get your own way. You are not less nor are you more depending upon what life hands you. You are the handler of your own life. To be human is a wonderful thing, and you are very human, and yet being human is not an excuse for anything.

You are a Divine Being as well. Then be it. Divinity rises above. You are a Divine Being. You have a soul. So what if you are housed in a human body and referred to as a human being? Be a noble human being. Be a soldier in the army of love, and love yourself and love life and be a friend to yourself.

You may think you are wounded. Well, then, kiss your wound and get up. In the act of getting up, you heal your wound. Licking your wounds is not the action for you, for you are meant to be the hero of your own life. Who is going to be the hero if not you?

Come to your own rescue. Pick yourself up. Put your shoulders back and stand up tall. You are not a victim. You are a valiant hero. You don’t just lie there. You get up, and you go forward.

Such have I told you to do.

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