Heavenletter #4490 God Endowed, March 11, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Where are you today, do you think? Wherever you may be sitting or standing, you are nowhere but with Me. That’s a fact.

Your mind may be elsewhere. Let Me put it this way: I am always with you. I, God, AM always.

Your conscious awareness may be absent from Me. Your conscious awareness may be far away from Me. You are not always the most aware person on the block, will you admit this? Will you admit this with a smile?

Come rescue yourself from absence from Me. Come, join Me. Come here. Sit down right here beside Me. Look at Me, and know I am God.

Be you the proof of Me. If you need proof, prove Me by your mighty Self. I am Self-evident, beloveds.

Yes, of course, I am responsible for you. That does not take you off the hook, however. You are God-endowed. You are Self-willing. You are the Real You, and you are your little feet that run around and make-believe. You play games on Earth. You pretend your Self away. Helpless, hapless, you call your Self. Majesty denies his majesty. Do not blame Me for what occurs.

You are a Runaway King. You have abandoned your throne. You cast it aside. You chose the role of a penitent instead. You wanted to see what it was like to be a commoner on the street. From commoner, you became complainer, as if you had little or nothing to do with your purveyance on Earth.

Now you are wising up. Becoming aware of Me, you begin to better know your Self. You begin to take off the heavy lid of ignorance. Now you put on a crown, crown of roses, a crown of gold, a crown of God. Deny your crown or halo no longer. You are a Lighted Being, and your Light holds fast.

Sometimes, you are the last to accept what I tell you.

You may confuse awareness with ego, as if you are a better person to blink your eyes and be coy about your value. You may have chosen modesty over awareness. You may have chosen wiles over wisdom. Let’s face it, you are a kidder. In the semblance of unawareness, you have kidded yourself. You have fooled most everyone. A few have seen through your guises. A few do see the hidden treasure that lies beneath the rags you wear.

Perhaps you see your role with Me as beggar, as though the more you beg and the poorer you are, the more I will give. You hold out your hand and wait for Me to put a penny in it. Better you stand tall and partner with Me. You have not believed in your own Free Will. Therefore, you have not really believed in My Majesty.

My Majestic Hand gave you everything. Instead, you see poverty. You see poverty of love. Instead of Greatness, you have been looking for pennies on the street, a handout here and a handout there.

You may protest what I am saying now. Beloveds, I am shaking you awake. “Wake up,” I say. I say: “This day is up to you. Make of it what you will.”

You may have preferred to be helpless. I am telling you that you are powerful. You dismiss that idea. Perhaps you have been engaging in powerlessness.

I give you the freedom to act on My behalf. It is on My behalf that you wend your way through life as a stalwart impresario of life. Take hold.

Life is not for waiting, beloveds. Call life to you. Go to the bank. Find your treasure. You are My gift to Me. No longer stand around in life. Get up. You are your own seeker and fulfiller of good fortune.

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