Heavenletter #4491 A Traveler in the Light, March 12, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You may think that the part of the world you live in is small. You live on a block in a town. You know a few people. Daily you travel a short distance. Your world seems to be as big as the place where you work, where the boss is king. You don’t see how you possibly impact the world at large.

First of all, despite appearances, you do not live in a separate part of the world. The world is a whole, and you live in the whole of it. You are not a speck in the Universe. You impact ten thousand miles away as much as you impact your next-door neighbor. Of course, depending where you live, you may not know your next-door neighbor’s name, and you don’t see how you can possibly impact your neighbor anymore than you can impact a stranger ten thousand miles away.

In Reality, beloveds, there is no distance, not in time or in space. There is Infinity and Eternity which, on Earth, you experience in a time-frame bolstered by science on Earth. All this is scientific and beautiful, yet scientific only so far as it goes on Earth.

You are much more than your appearance on Earth. You are Infinite and Eternal. You live in a Vastness beyond your reckoning. There is only Vastness. Only, you do not quite glimpse the Vastness. Your vision is near-sighted. Because you cannot presently see far enough doesn’t mean that what you presently don’t see is absent. Vastness is a greater aspect of your life than you can touch with your physical senses. The day is coming, however, when you will grasp your participation in the Whole of Vastness.

If Totality were a pie, you would be an equal-sized piece with every other piece of the pie. There would not be different-flavored pies. There would be no better pies nor less valuable pies. If each piece of pie were a gong, each gong would knell the same. Each sound would reach everywhere. Do not think that you are merely a worker ant in a particular ant-pile. No, no, indeed, you are as vast as the furthest star. You are not a separated being, unnoticed. You are not a mere blip on a screen. You are Everything. What do you think Oneness means!

You perceive that you are in a dense world, yet density is the illusion you live in. Density and gravity hold you up on Earth at the same time as they hold you down. Remember, you look from various directions. Of course, I engage with you and the game on Earth when I tell you to keep looking up, for I am everywhere, and directions do not exist in time or in space except as precise measurements in the world of illusion. There is nothing truly to measure Vastness with. What can Vastness be compared to? There is nothing greater than Vastness, and there is nothing less.

Only in the play of life on Earth is there such diversion. Of course, you start from where you are, where you believe you are, and while you are on Earth, you do believe it, and, certainly, you take heed of it. You don’t pretend illusion away. When illusion is, it is. Mirages are real to those who see them. And you see them. You definitely see them. You touch them. You hear them etc. Immersed in fiction, you are a fiction-reader.

Live your life. Do not will it away. Do not think you waste your time on Earth. No, it is time well-spent. In any case, what can you do while you are on Earth except to lead your life? So lead it. Lead it well. Just know that life on Earth is not the only game in town. Regardless of density and gravity, you are a Traveler in the Light.

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