Heavenletter #4492 The Greatest Relationship, March 13, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Forget your alliance with Me? How could that happen, for nothing can interfere with Our Alliance. Only your thoughts can take you away from Our Oneness. However, you have many thoughts, and rarely are your thoughts still. Your heart seems to keep up with your thoughts, and so your thoughts race and your heart follows, getting past itself.

The Greatest Relationship in your life, and you let it slip your mind. You are seemingly unaware of your own Being. You see life as a dance, and, yet, you forget with Whom you dance. You forget Whose arms hold you and lead you around the dance floor. I am never a Silent Partner. However, you may not hear Me. As it is, I whisper, yet, it is not a matter of My volume that you do not hear. I could thunder My Voice while you would hear your thoughts over My Voice. You would listen to a nickelodeon over the sound of My Voice. Ironic, isn’t it?

You may well listen to a clerk in the store giving you advice on what to purchase over what I say in My Eminent Domain.

I am the Great Exponent of Life and you may not hear Me. You misplace Our private earphone, or you turn it to a different channel or station. Perhaps you are listening to the news or watching a comedy on TV where life is a canned laugh a minute. You blare trivia, and you mute My Voice. You forget altogether that I am a loving communicative God. For some reason, you don’t read Me between the lines.

You stand in line somewhere, waiting for something and forgetting Me. If not forgetting the concept of Me, forgetting My Presence in your heart. Then you may think that I am ignoring you. No, dears, it is you who skip past Me.

Not for one moment am I ever at a distance from you. I am stationed deeply in your heart, and I am a full-time advisor to your mind. Your mind goes on a tangent, and, in the fray, you forget Me. You have a tendency to find other matters more exciting than the One Who gave you life and stays at your side through it all — through the imagined all of thick and thin. I am right with you, at the so-called beginning and finishing lines and all in between without cease. There is no such thing as My being absent from you.

However, you may prefer to ignore the whole subject of God for fear that I might be too big a subject for you or, worse, a disappointment. Actually, you may have vanquished the idea that there is a road to God that is pleasant and available.

Something has seemed to dissuade you from coming to My side in your awareness. Oh, that awareness of yours, so far behind the times, your unawareness from so long ago, and new awareness kept so far at bay.

You keep getting glimpses of Me, however, and these glimpses of Me you seem to see out of the corner of your eye, or, perhaps, as floaters in your vision, a kind of fragmentary inner seeing, an almost seeing while you are on your way to an old story.

You may ignore the fact that you are lonely for Me. You may never have considered that I am lonely, not for you because I have you right smack in My awareness, yet I do long for your awareness. O, how I look forward to that moment when I see that instant recognition in your eyes, when you cast your beating heart in My direction which is, indeed, inner to you, solidly inner, solidly current and active.

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