Heavenletter #4495 What is the Hullaballoo in Life All About? , March 16, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You choose in life what is important to you and what is not. Your mind keeps a list of high importance and a list of lower importance underneath. You live that list, beloveds. You tag some activities and thoughts as priorities and you tag some as less than priority.

It’s good to take a look, to look at your priorities straight in the face. You have your lists, yet you may never have consciously noted your list. You could surprise yourself.

Many would say God, family, and country in that order. I wonder.

Where is money on the true list? And where is family and where is survival and where is love and where is amusement?

Now, don’t feel bad. Just know that your priorities lie with you.

Foremost, you are a soul, and that means your priority lies with Me. You don’t have to be in a special place to have Me star in your life. Obviously, I am everywhere. Ultimately, so are you everywhere. This has to be so. We are One. Let your thoughts bounce off that recognition every now and then or often. We are One.

Remind yourself: “God and I are One. We are on the same mission. And God tells us that not only are He and I One, but that He is One with All, and, therefore, it must be so that I am One with All. All are Sisters and Brothers. So what is the hullaballoo in life all about?”

With Me or with family or with strangers, love belongs right up there. Can it be otherwise? Sometimes love in your heart is hard to attain. There must be some conflict there between love and gain.

When you look at it My way, the only thing to gain is love, and giving love comes before anything else that could get in the way.

Love is not intended to be a bargaining process. Love is not meant to be a barter. Never does love carry the theme: “Winner takes all.” In the art of giving love, all are winners. There are no losers. Nothing but love has to be. Love is the Fairy Godmother, and love is the Prince and the Princess and the Palace and the Kingdom. The carpet of love is so welcoming. It is so lovely. It is green grass and dark green moss. Love reclines on a hammock in a tree. Let every step you take be love.

Love was never meant to be a predicament or a contest. Love itself is first prize. There is no other prize. Nothing equals the benefit of love. Nothing comes near. What is there that compares to love in your heart?

Not a spectacular ship that sails the ocean. Not a private plane. Not a limousine. Not a bank account. Not fame. Not fortune. Do you dispute this?

It seems corny to say, but love is free. In fact, you have it all right now in your heart. And all you have to do is to let your love come to the surface. Open the gates to love. Be like the Statue of Liberty and open your heart to all.

Is not love like a beacon light that welcomes all to its borders? In fact, love has no borders. Borders are contrary to love.

Rules are not more important than love. What is the use of laws without love? Admit love into your heart and establish love as your very Being.

You do not slobber love. You do not think of love all the time. You go forth in love. You go forth in love because you are love. And that’s the whole story.

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