Heavenletter #4501 What Is Really Hard for You to Let Go of, March 22, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Consider that I nudge your elbow. Or perhaps I adjust your stance or turn your head. I do many things to gain your attention. Most of all, what I do is to love you, for you are the love of My life. My love for you is mighty, and My love for you is uninterrupted. What is there for you to know about Me but My love for you?

What explanation do you require? What is it that you think you have to know? Just know Me, beloveds. Know Me. I am knowable. Know My love for you. Your awareness alone of My love will do you very well.

There is no gap between Us. If there somehow were a gap between us — impossible, but if there were — My love would bridge it in an instant. There is nowhere that love cannot travel. Love travels everywhere. Not only My love, yet I am a Master of Love.

Never do I sulk. I know what matters, and I know where life leads, and I know My love that radiates like the Sun. And I know you. I know you very well. Certainly, I know you far more than you know yourself. What possibly makes you think you know yourself better than I do? You are a novice at self-love. You are just beginning to scratch the surface. The further you scratch, the deeper you go. We have infinite depth today. Never will We tire of Our delight in one another. There is no end to Our love, and there is no end to Our joy in love.

Regard this Oneness between Us right now. You can never get too much.

The fact is that We are inundated in love.

Love is an amazing thing, yet you and I, We have never ever been without it. Will you believe Me? Will you believe in My love for you? My love is here for you. It’s here whether you accept it or not. Do not be difficult now.

Never do I leave you. I comprehend that sometimes you feel abandoned, left on your own. You think that what you feel must be what is. I am telling you what is.

When I say I never forsake you, you protest. You ask: “What about when this and when that? Why this travesty and that travesty? Where were You, God, when inhumanity surfaced? Where were You then, God, and where are You now? I don’t care for your explanations.”

Yes, I do understand where you are coming from. I also know that this line of questions doesn’t get you anywhere.

Of course, you don’t understand. We’ve gone over this before. Explanations cannot explain. They are too much for you to understand. You have to let go of your knowing better than I. You don’t have to know everything with your intellect. You cannot know everything with your intellect. Of course, you may say: “Hey, God, how come you didn’t give me a greater intellect than you did?”

What is hard for you to let go of is your need to control. Now, I do not stand on ceremony. I don’t require salutes and all that. It’s hard for you to go forward when you put Me on the carpet. Are you really saying you know better than I? Do you think so? You know your perception very well. Knowing your own perception isn’t knowing everything, dear ones.

You may still not have forgiven Me that what is called death, and pain and illness and all manner of things that you may not yet have forgiven Me for.

It is not Myself that you have to make peace with. It is within yourself that you must arise to a new footing. Never was I an avenue of punishment for you. Your objections to Me punish you.

What if you can concede the possibility that I know what I’m doing? You can. And when you do, a whole lot of weight is lifted from you.

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