Heavenletter #4506 When Life Changes Its Course, March 27, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You ask Me questions often, and you ask a lot of questions. Unending are your questions, question after question, desire after desire. It is your desire that I provide you with the way and means to go.

Nevertheless, often you don’t go along with Me. It would seem that you want the advice you have in mind. It would seem that sometimes, if not often, you have an answer in mind, and that’s the answer you want. It has been known to happen that when I do not give your hoped-for answer, you think a mistake has been made, that My answer to you can’t be right and that I’ve made a mistake, or I am uncaring. Your hopes are not to be dashed. You are certain your heart’s desire has got to show up.

What happened to openness, beloveds? What happened to listening? What happened to not having your mind made up? Open-minded and open-hearted hold you in good stead. It is not essential that answers to your life be the ones you have in mind. Desire with all your might, and yet bend with life. Accept. Know that life has something else in store for you. Naturally, you want to win the jackpot, only you may be misinformed. You are winning, only not the jackpot you had in mind.

A deck of cards breaks out the way it breaks. Life cavorts the way it cavorts. You are not luckless. You are lucky. You know, it’s better when you are not resistant to life as it shows up. Determination is a good thing. Easing up is also a good thing.

If your car can’t make it up the hill, are you going to walk and push the car up the hill because you were set on getting to the top right now? You can make up your mind all you like, yet you can’t always determine the course of your life. Whatever occurs, make it good, beloveds. The sun rises every morning, and so must you. Whatever the circumstances, it is for you to rise. It is for you to greet life. You simply may have to change the direction you’re going in.

You wanted your true love, and your true love had someone else in mind. You craved a certain job, or you craved a certain promotion. You weren’t chosen. You are crestfallen or distraught. Sooner or later, with or without your dream coming true, life levels off, and you are left at another stretch of the road.

Beloveds, life changes. Not all your dreams may come true. At some point, what is the difference if they do or they don’t? You are the same person. You are a growing person, and this is how you grow. You roll with the punches, and, often enough, the punches are blessings, and life is for you to take as it comes. Love life anyway.

Life doesn’t have to be the picture you painted. You don’t have to hold on so tight. You can bend to life. Life has its course to take, and it takes it. Sometimes you just have to take your hands off and give service with a smile.

A big disappointment is never the end of the world. It may seem so, and yet you mend, and you keep going. Happiness does not have to elude you. You can go right up to happiness and shake its hand. Life does not have to take orders from you. You may simply have to salute life and do its bidding.

You have seen that sometimes life knows better than you do. You are not always sorry later as you are now that life did not appear the way you had so desired.

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