A Report on the Progress of Containment on the World Scene
Posted by Steve Beckow on March 12, 2013

Perhaps I can report on the progress of the strategy of containing dark figures rather than mass-arresting them. It’s a matter that Archangel Michael began commenting on in July 2012 and which even SaLuSa is now remarking on, as we’ll see below.
I asked Archangel Michael to give us some details on containment in our last Hour with an Angel and he began by saying that “containment is something that is done very rarely and with great consideration.” (1) It “does not remove free will but literally contains” it.
He told us that “there are various levels of containment.” In what he described as “the most epic,” people “are basically in light boxes, and light and love is penetrating them completely and fully, and they will not be released until they have been fully penetrated.” He continued:
“That is why that decision is not made casually. It is much more invasive than you are even imagining. So it is something we do with great respect, yes, even for what you would think of as the darkest players. When we contain them, it is done with a great deal of respect.”
It may be useful to review the policy of containment and the nature of the “light boxes.” Last July he described both:

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