As channeled by Méline Lafont on 28 February 2013
The Pleiadians

Hello sweet ones, we come forward for you today to share you this short message:
Our planets and worlds are stars, suns and a sort of gas planets. There is no material thing, all is energy even food is, we live on Prana and Love. We create formations and forms with energy and thoughts. Light is our nurturing and Love is our force of being. We are multidimensional beings and we serve for and out of Love. We bring humanity hope and we see to it that everything is going as planned; which is a successful completion of this current Ascension process. We will serve Humanity and Gaia further along your path together as long as Humanity is willing to have this cooperation.

We have secret bases in your inner Earth and on your land, as well as stations above your planet. We are here to bring our Love and compassion, to bring your knowledge back, the knowledge you have always known but have kept inside of you. We are reconnecting and therefore activating all of your galactic aspects so that the world can wake up and the working together is a fact. We are all here, with thousands of other civilizations to bring this plan of ascension into fruition together with you all.

We are your Galactic Higher Selves and therefore we are reaching out to you all and we are becoming one again. When becoming one is a fact, our presence will be known as we exist in your reality and becoming one with our and your Galactic Self means sharing the same timeline and reality of us, your Galactic family and Self.

We wish to see you all moving behind the veil of Illusion, to see and meet us; you, yourself! and feel the joy of you and us becoming one again; one big family! Time for this is upon you as you find yourself close to your encounter with us and recognition of yourself. When your personal time for your own Disclosure is at hand, embrace the fact that you are becoming your Galactic Self again and spread your loving energies to others, it will inspire them to do the same. We are with you, we are you and you are us. The loving Pleiadians.

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