The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa — Part 2
MAR 28 Posted by Wes Annac

Continued from Part 1

Galactic Craft & Government Knowledge
SanJAsKa tells us about the multiple different races of the Galactic Federation, and begins to tell us about the conscious technologies that are the Federations’ starships and Motherships. We are also told of the inhabitance of star and Motherships by higher dimensional souls, and our governments’ knowledge of advanced technology is discussed as well.

“There are a myriad of races comprising the Galactic Federation, and we Pleiadians are one of them. We could not name all of the races who are a part of the Galactic Federation but trust, dear hearts; there are plenty of us and we are all geared toward helping you to ascend.

Our ships are comprised in so many different and unique ways, and you will find that each one of them looks different and retains their own individual form. We exist harmoniously within our Motherships and starships, who are conscious beings who’ve decided to inhabit higher dimensional technology and help us to travel around and mitigate pollution manifested on your dearest Earth, among many other things.

There is so much advanced technology waiting to be discovered and known by you, the sovereign humanity and for the most part, you could have benefitted from this technology nearly a century ago. Indeed, knowledge of our craft and the technology aboard it has been known by many of your governments for so very long and dear scribe, the very computer you are (channeling) this on is comprised of technology that was taken from a Galactic ship.”

Personally; I’ve actually been able to receive UFO sightings after telepathically asking to be shown the ships of the Galactics, and it makes sense that the ships so many people have been seeing are themselves conscious, higher dimensional beings. While the Pleiadians may discuss this subject a bit more later on, I too wanted to point out the mitigation of pollution being performed by various Galactic ships stationed in our skies.

Humanity has manifested and fed far more pollution than we’ll ever be comfortable admitting, and the beings who are assisting us along our evolution seem to be transmuting and mitigating much of this pollution, from what has been said. I would ascertain that this is so our planet does not meet a destructive fate as a result of the continual pollution we have fed because eventually, our collective would have seen the results of our actions were it not for the assistance we’re being given.

Back-Engineered Technology
We are told of the dense frequencies being manifested through the technologies we currently enjoy, and the link is drawn between these technologies and the Galactic technology that has been back-engineered and reproduced on the Earth. SanJAsKa also tells us of the harm those frequencies being omitted from televisions and computers tends to cause.

“The frequencies of much of the technology you enjoy to this day that has resulted from back-engineering Galactic technology, have been lowered and much density has been added to the energies you absorb from your technologies and make no mistake, dear souls; you do absorb (harmful) frequencies within yourselves when watching copious amounts of television or exposing yourselves to your computers constantly.

We do not say this to put anyone in a state of fear, worry or concern for indeed, you can use the natural Creator Light you have always held within to affirm that such energies be transmuted within you, and you can affirm that they do not have the otherwise-destructive effect they could have if you were not such powerful beings who can use your Light to mend any energetic aliment.”

For the most part, we have been led to forget about our power but truly, we can mitigate any potentially negative effects that the dense frequencies being omitted from our various gadgets would have on us. First, we need to raise awareness of this and so many other things that have been done in an attempt to keep us down and keep our intelligence held back, and the importance of staying away from fear when discussing these things will be very strong.

Yes, a lot has been done to keep us back and hold us in states of mental and spiritual bondage, but so many of us are awakening and realizing the orchestration that has been going on right in front of us. The destructive frequencies being given from our technology can themselves be cleansed, and the higher dimensional technology we will learn to understand as a collective will run off of pure, clean energy and will omit only pure frequencies for our minds and bodies to absorb.