Your thoughts are the key to health — Archangel Raphael through M. Gamma ~ 15.04.2013
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(Translated on the 15.04.2013, original language German)
Today we continue with the message about healing. As my scribe has already written in his blog [link to german articel], you are the master of your health. To be a master is not difficult. Nevertheless, I will bring you the necessary secrets, which are actually no secrets closer to you.

Today I want to tell something about the health and its origin. Health is the foundation of your body, of your vehicle or your avatar so to say. What I mean is that a good base is the foundation of your existence. An existence needs to build one, you have to maintain it and you have to deal lovingly with her (your health). What do I mean with loving? Loving means so much that you stand with your body at all times in good faith. Only if your making this consistently, you treat yourselves as a whole as Loving beings.

Some people have a very difficult relationship with them self and their body. This relationship means that the balance is disturbed and it may cause illness. It is essential that you have at any time your thoughts under control. Your thoughts are the key to your health. Everything starts with a thought. Universes are created from a thought. Unbelievable but it’s true!

Try to monitor your thoughts over and over again. By monitoring your thoughts, you’ll train your consciousness. You will recognize that the thoughts are sometimes misguided. After some time you will get better in recognizing your misguided thoughts and you will be able to prevent it in advance. Not accepting misguided thoughts, leads to having your thoughts always under control. Control is not a bad thing! It describes in your language the possibility to give important things the right direction. To have the course of events under control is your focus.

Now go out and exercise. There has never been a “master” who has fallen from the heavens to use one of your metaphors. Since patiently, since lovingly and enjoy the upcoming warm days ahead. They will warm your heart and you will make you happy.
Archangel Raphael

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