Blossom Goodchild – April 7, 2013
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Hello my friends. To be honest, I am not quite sure how this will go. Yet the house is quiet for a few hours and it would be lovely to connect up with you. Anyone home?

Dearest Blossom … firstly we would like to address the fact that one’s responsibility lies within the self for the self. We who are not of Earth … register the energies emanating from souls individually and as a whole. We discover in these times that there is a mixture of both high and low. Yet … take into account … these energies are ONE. Therefore … the lower ones mingle and merge with Higher to create perhaps … a middle! Many of you are finding these days that you are experiencing all three. Sometimes in the same minute of your time.

Correct! It can be quite disturbing. Except when the Higher energy is predominant within … Those moments are glorious! Yet … how strange to find oneself in the depths now and then … yet KNOWING that it won’t remain. This Ascension thing is quite different from what we had thought or expected.

And yet … This Ascension thing is exactly how you are choosing to create it.

What? Even with our ‘downers’? I thought that was more to do with the Higher energies that are coming in and causing disturbance as the lower ones leave.

Remember this at ALL times. YOU create this New World. This we have always spoken of. Energy is a form that can be changed and rearranged. Yet it needs strength of mind and character in order to ‘come out on top’. This is why the warriors of Light were chosen to Be. You … each one of you that has inside of them … this strength. This power to overcome the lower vibrations that are fighting for ‘your lives’!

Many of you are felling disheartened … as ‘where you are’ is not where you expected yourselves to be .

Well, I guess it’s because we didn’t have any warning of what to expect. All that was spoken of was this beautiful New World that we were walking into . Don’t misunderstand me. I KNOW we are on our way. I have a deeper KNOWING now … even though I find myself a little misunderstood! Yet … being here on Earth at this time sure is a roller coaster! Sometimes I find myself looking up at the stars and saying to you ‘ You come down and try it !’

And we hear you. Yet we cannot. That is not our position. Yet we can do our utmost to try to assist.



WE KNOW THAT THE PLAN IS FULL STEAM AHEAD! … and we ask that in YOUR BEING … the core of that which is YOU … YOU ACCEPT THIS … and therefore KNOW it also.

And somewhere inside me … I do accept that. There just seems little evidence … on the outside.

Yet it is on the inside that we are interested in. For it is from the inside that the outside is created . Let go dearest friends of that which appears to be. Bring in … that which you KNOW to be TRUTH.

When each individual recognises ‘their TRUE self’ … which is that KNOWING deep within … then we ask you to hold onto that … even when the roller coaster is going full speed into the dipped track … hold on to the KNOWING that … in your world of duality … the lower you go … the higher you shall then rise.

Which is a bit of a concern then. For every time I rise Higher … does that mean my next low will be even lower to oppose the amazing High I have just experienced?

NO. It does not mean this. For this is where your strength of character comes in. Yes there is the opposite in ALL things. This is the law of your planet. Yet you … as Light Beings encompassing a human body came here to change that. For this ‘time’ of duality is being left behind. It has served its purpose. The more you embody your ‘Lighter’ self … in these times … the less one shall fall into the ‘darkness’. Yet it is up to you … to take control.

And this is why I say … ‘come down and try it’. What with all that is ‘showered upon us’ in the way of negative and harmful chemicals in order to keep control of us … sometimes one feels weak with it all. I am not always sure that I KNOW WHO my True self is and how life would be … let alone implement it.

Yet we would say otherwise. Within each one of you is your DIVINE BEING. A spark of your DIVINE TRUE SELF. There is not one chemical or poison or lower vibrational imput that your Higher self cannot counteract. How can it?