APR 2 2013
Méline Lafont ~The Cosmic Ray: a message and introduction

(Méline: This is a personal message that came in right after writing my visions and experiences here. It started as a personal message, but there are pieces that are intended for all of us and may be applicable for all of you. This is an introduction of the Cosmic Rays that we can begin to integrate into our being. You can expect more posts of the Cosmic Rays through myself in the future from now on. With Love ♥)

Dear, we are the Cosmic Ray connecting with you. We are the forces of Light, of manifestation and the vibration of Love. We are here to invite you into your New World and to bring it into manifestation. We are at the pace of a grand action and manifestation in your world. These messages and visions are your personal creation of Self that which you are reflecting in your outer reality. The time has come for you to see and be this world, for you have gained your Self-consciousness again and are starting to transform your outer body into Self. A much Lighter form is upon you and a wonderful vision on Earth. Oh, what wonders do we form from the minds and hearts of beloveds.

We are the forms called Love and Light and what we bring is what we ARE. We have many Rays in our Cosmic Ray forming the truth and deepest energies of Light. We expand consciousness with a touch and by the integrations of our Rays, we are therefore infinite and a blessing to Self. Dear, it is our cosmic wish to see your world BE upon beloved Gaia in such a way that it is your truth and your real manifestation and reality of heart. The time has come to integrate our being and energies in such a degree that a reconnection with our Rays and your world is a fact.

The melting together of our consciousness with your own and that of humanity is now emerging into a grand possibility in such a way that our Presence is now allowed and possible on your Earthly and personal plane and Dimension. Now that the shift has occurred and the entrance of the new world is open, all these new magical possibilities and worlds of creations are yours to be and to experience. Here is where we are present and we can co-exist in Harmony as One again. Your degree of Consciousness has risen in such a way, that our Presence and Embodiment, being the Cosmic Ray, is now your reality and Self.

Let your precious being integrate us fully, dear, so that you are capable of levitating your True Self out of this lower dimension and exist only in the Highest form of that what you are. Your Ascended Lady Master Self is now arising for others to see and feel because this is your True Self. As for others on beloved Gaia, the portal is now open to travel further than is already known and the possibility exists to grasp all the new experiences in these inter Dimensional planes and realities. An entire new experiment and dito world is in order and ready to present itself to your embodiments and your Self.

If you wish to continue in this body expression, then the choice will be made to experience more transformations into Self where a more Lighter form existing of Light and less solid substance will be shaping your outer form. This is what you choose and what we are forming along with your Self, our rays assist you in this new process. If one dear chooses to float into an energy form directly, a much lesser transformation will be needed for the human vessel, as they will leave the earthly vessel behind and be the Light energy and Light form right away on a much lesser painful or uncomfortable way. Whatever the choice will be, it is your own and personal one.

Much dears are choosing to experience the transformation of a human vessel into a Galactic and even into a higher vessel of Light, reaching such a level where an understanding exists where the not forming of an “outer” form or vessel, whether it is a Light form or a lesser solid form, is not such an uncomfortable process anymore but rather a very easy “split of a second” process. Your consciousness is expanding in such a grand way that knowledge and understanding is a normal and natural way. This process is now revealing much truths for you, where a much deeper understanding is bringing and birthing a whole new way of living, acting and being.

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