Julie Miller: Ascended Master El Morya — Creating a Relationship with God
Thanks to Méline Lafont
Channeler: Julie Miller
Creating a Relationship with God
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ April 02 — 09, 2013

It is only natural dear ones to have days when you find life has gone completely off balance. This can be caused by many things such as putting in too many hours at your workplace, rushing here and there, or trying to juggle certain principals into your daily life that you only barely comprehend.

There are many other distracting causes that can easily be the culprit to moments of imbalance and truthfully speaking dear ones, none of you are alone with this occasional outcome. The pressures you may feel just from your normal daily challenges will come to you heavier at times. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed to the breaking point of frustration and inner turmoil, your inner self will subtly begin telling you it is time to reflect back to when things begun to go awry; learn how you may have become derailed and begin working at reasserting yourself back on track.Part of your life’s journey is learning to balance your mind, body, spirit within the workings of your heart.
We know dear ones how difficult this can be for some dear souls that are easily distracted or have trouble focusing on any specific principle when life has become chaotic. The resolution to rebalancing your whole self can feel intangible at times, but with constant application of self-love, going within for answers and adopting healthy thinking patterns, your path will be reclaimed balanced and clear. There are many methods to achieving a balanced life and sometimes changing your previous methods to newer ones will increase your ability to bounce back much more quickly.
Many dear souls that consider themselves spiritual will work at re-establishing their connection and relationship with God. Some begin working closer, and seek His wisdom more often, rather than following the clever words spoken by others. It is understood dear ones when you make the motion to construct a relationship with God, you will uncannily know not just in your heart but in your soul that you are no longer alone. The many dear souls that choose to live a purely spiritual life understands the importance of building a foundation that is constructed with the sacred plumes of the Threefold Flame; Love, Wisdom and Power.