How could you possibly be unworthy of the substance of your being?
April 19, 2013 by John Smallman

Hello this is John with Jesus’ message for Friday April 19th 2013.

Since early April I have felt blocked and tired, and so channeling just has not happened. In order to give you a picture of what I have been experiencing I have printed up my complete communication with Jesus from April 12th through the 18th just as it occurred, because I thought some of you might find it of interest. Jesus’ main message starts after the line across the page. John.

Jesus Channeled Friday April 12th 2013 13.10. Blog # 142 04/19/13.

Me: Good afternoon, dear Jesus. Thanks for your last message. Can we start a new one to post tomorrow night, please? Today seems to be another “blah” day for me. I have an acceptance of life as I am experiencing it, but no enthusiasm for it. Anyhow, if you are happy to do so, please dictate.

J: Good afternoon, John. You know that I am always happy to offer you a message which you can share on the blog.

You are not alone in experiencing the blahs. Everyone is adjusting to the new energies surrounding you which are unfamiliar and tiring. As you adjust this will change and you will feel far more energized, peaceful, and content. Hang in there, you are all doing great work for which you are divinely honored, and the rewards for your efforts are getting very close to being revealed to you. Pray, meditate, and persist, knowing that your Father is taking care of you in every moment, and that joy is to overwhelm you.

Me: Thanks, but I don’t feel motivated by life, nor do I feel any enthusiasm, just the blahs, as I said above. Anyway please dictate an uplifting and inspiring message for me to share. (close, 1.20pm through Thursday April 18 11.11am) Well, either I didn’t or couldn’t listen or hear you. I am sorry, can you please start over, and help me to relax and hear. My failure to make contact with you or Saul over the last week or so has depressed me as has my lack of enthusiasm to do so!

J: Good morning John.


How could you possibly be unworthy of the substance of your being?

There is no such thing as “failure.” It is just another aspect of the illusion that you use to beat yourself up — or others! Just let it go, like all other forms of judgment which serve only to distract you from being yourself — namely Love.

That is what you are; you have just forgotten and have come to believe that you need to receive It, when in fact you always have It in abundance. If you do not experience It, that is because you have chosen to judge yourselves as being without It, in need of It, and by making that judgment you have effectively chosen to block It out, believing yourselves unworthy of It. And so you seek It, frequently in ways that cannot possibly help you to find It.

How could you possibly be unworthy of the substance of your being? You were created in Love, by Love, from Love — there is nothing else — which is just another word that signifies God, the Source of all that exists, and of which every sentient being is an essential and inseparable part. Separation from that Source is inconceivable, unachievable, utterly impossible. You are constantly and eternally one with God, period. No further discussion of this divine truth has any meaning. You are all eternally loved and cherished by your heavenly Father, and nothing can change that, ever.

Quite often, a large quantity of the time that you think you are spending reasoning or thinking logically about an issue is in fact spent in judgment, self-doubt, and self-justification, as you try to convince yourself — “I know I am right, this is right and I need to explain to him where he is at fault” — leading to resentment, anger, and depression, as you realize that you cannot change the other person’s perception. Of course you can change your own, but to do so would be a sign of weakness, an admission that you were wrong and that he was right!

Stop taking things personally because doing so just loads you up with anger and resentment which eat away at your self-respect and self-esteem, making you feel bad about yourself. When you make the choice to cease taking things personally you cease to be offended; you feel freer, lighter, and life flows more smoothly and easily for you. Much of your discontent, your dissatisfaction with life comes from allowing what others say or do to upset you. And you tend to be very good at justifying those feelings : “How could he have said or done that, does he not see how he has hurt me? It’s so unfair!”