A sea change in the way information is released into the public domain is underway
April 26, 2013 by John Smallman

We are watching with joy from here in the spiritual realms as the divine energies surrounding you all start to really take effect, so much so that even in your mainstream news media some “good news” is being reported, albeit with a certain lack of the overarching enthusiasm that they show when disasters strike! Nevertheless, it is a sign of things to come. The Good News can no longer be ignored, dismissed, or go unreported. A sea change in the way information is released into the public domain is underway, although that reportage always lags behind when it comes to reporting on the alterations occurring in attitudes, behaviors, and awareness that have resulted in those changes.

Much is happening worldwide that will amaze you when you hear of it. The field of divine Love works constantly and surreptitiously to enable and bring about the essential behavioral changes that will ensure that an end to grinding poverty, contagious diseases, and desecration of the planet is achieved smoothly and effectively. As that happens, planetwide healing of the earth herself and of all the life forms she supports will accelerate as the constant damaging activities that have encouraged and maintained those wretched conditions cease. That cessation of widespread damaging activities will release enormous quantities of energy to assist in the necessary cleansing and renewal that needs to occur to return your planet to a state of tranquility in which her health, beauty, and abundance can thrive so that the needs of all who rely on her wellness for their own well-being can be fully met.

All of creation is interdependent, mutually supportive, and harmoniously cooperative, because that is how God so lovingly creates, but when you built the illusion to experience separation, awareness of that essential aspect of existence became lost as rugged individualism sought to prove that it was strong, independent, and resourceful. That naturally led to the state in which people frequently robbed each other instead of cooperating with one another for the benefit of all, and the damage those attitudes brought about have finally begun to be understood. Many are now working to replace conflict and unhealthy competition with harmonious cooperation. Their numbers are growing daily, and with the assistance that you are receiving from the new energies with which you are willingly engaging success in that endeavor is assured. As I told you in ” A Course in Miracles,” and as you well know at the depths of your being: “Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time.” That knowing is to break through into your conscious experiential awareness, changing your perception of one another and of the world around you, permanently.