The Ascended Masters: Continue to Expect and Believe in Miracles
APR 17 by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note from Wes: Exampling the turn-away from channelings that are too long-winded, I offer this message from the Ascended Masters as well as one that will be forthcoming. The two were originally one communication, but I decided to split them up and I allowed the Ascended Masters to write a conclusion for this first one.

I am not going out of my way to publish shorter communications, but I’m no longer striving to deliver incredibly long ones either. Taking a page from Aisha North, I’ll simply let the messages flow through at whatever length and pace is desired by the souls giving them in that moment, and let the rest simply Be.

Continue to expect and believe in miracles, and you will find them manifesting before you with grace and ease. Each one of you are learning to tap into and understand your ability to Create the situations occurring in your Lives, and to shape the events playing out into events that benefit you and allow you to express your fullest and purest of Creator Light in every moment.

You are ultimately growing toward the goal of merging with the higher realms you are finding increasingly and in doing so, you will be and are finding harmony and unity with all those around you as you increasingly begin to realize that you are all facets of the same beautiful entity of consciousness and intelligence. You are all comprised of the all-encompassing energy of Love and together, we are all united in the realms of our Mother/Father Creator.

You are growing into the realization of your personal Divinity and of your unity with all those around you and while there are indeed souls on your world who are not acting in alignment with the unity and harmony that is meant to be felt and established at this time, those of you who are beginning to understand this harmony and help to spread the word are increasingly seeing it understood and fed by the rest of your fellow awakening collective.

Understanding Greater Concepts
We have asked you to expect and embrace miracles and the very idea of manifesting them because again, doing so will draw them toward you as you grow into your realization of your Divinity and your strong powers to Create and experience what you know to be in alignment with the experiences you wish to have.

So many dear awakening souls have looked toward the overall New Age movement and the higher states of consciousness you’ve been told so very much about, as a means to understand something much greater than themselves and we applaud you dear souls for being able to realize the truth of your existence as spiritual beings from within dense and limited realms that have truly tested you so very much.