Heavenletter #4512 When You Feel Heartbroken [I], April 2, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Sometimes you feel abandoned in life. Know I do not abandon you. It is you who abandons belief in Me, for you become discouraged for one reason or another. You can always find a reason, My beloved. Life isn’t adding up the way you thought life would. There is a setback. Life isn’t turning out the way you thought it would, and you take it personally, very personally. You have been let down. There is something you thought you had to have, and, if you do not have it, you feel desolate. You may feel that all is lost. You have an expectation that did not fulfill itself. In your mind and in your heart, you thought it had to. Because you thought it had to, you are bereft now. Now you feel that all is lost. Now you feel that I have let you down.

Beloved, you tied yourself up too tight in something. You had an expectation, and it didn’t come true. You felt your dream had to come true. When it did not, you felt let down. You felt I let you down. I repeat: You felt I had let you down. It’s hard for you to get over this.

A fact of life is that life doesn’t always go your way — it doesn’t always go the way you think it’s supposed to, and when it doesn’t, when your expectation is not fulfilled, when it may be the opposite, when you feel your heart is torn apart, you may turn Me into your fall guy. You feel that I, God, let you down. You feel that I, God, dropped you off somewhere instead of rallying behind you. It sure looks that way to you.

Sometimes, beloveds, life has a life of its own that doesn’t seem to include your wishes. Sometimes, not always, you are better off with some wishes unfulfilled. You can’t see how at the time, and yet it is so. You shake your head. How can it be that I, God, take away from you a treasure from your reach. There are some events, a broken heart, the loss of a child, how can you come to terms with it when something wonderful is taken from your grasp? How can you?

Sometimes there is no good explanation for it, and your heart cannot be assuaged. Despite all your love, despite all your belief, despite all your goodness, a treasure was removed from you. It was already yours and taken from your grasp, or it was almost yours and it was snatched away, and now you feel desolate.

You are unable to access how a God of Love can take away that which means the most in life to you, sometimes really does, and sometimes so it seems.

When life is hard, when life, from everything you know, is heartless, your heart is broken, and you feel separated from Me, God, and you also feel split from yourself. Something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen, or something didn’t happen that was supposed to, and you are racked with pain, and you are racked with disillusion. The all-powerful God let you down. You have a heartache that you are sure that, if God loved you, He would never allow to happen. But it happened. God allowed it to happen. And you are not the only one.

You can see no point to it. You don’t know how I could have allowed this. What God of Love would take away a child or a dream or great happiness from you? Even as you know that what you see as tragedy occurred, and it can’t possibly be supposed to happen. To your heart and mind, it may feel like betrayal. The God you loved let you down. There was a war. There was a death. There was a blow to your heart.

And, yet, beloved, what choice do you have but to come to terms, to get past the heartbreak, to get up, to live and love even when you thought life threw you a curve?

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