Heavenletter #4514 The Courage of Love , April 4, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Your conscious experience of love has been a fragment. You have caught fragments of love and have not put love together in its wholeness yet. That is all right. You will. You have a lot more awareness of love to behold. There is a lot more of love to come to your awareness of, your capability of, your setting love before you, your full realization of love inside and outside you, your familiarity with love, the depth and extent of the reach of your love.

There are no borders to love. Your cup is full.

You haven’t known this. You have been left wanting in your realization, in your grasp, of awareness of the Wholeness of Love. There is never just a little bit of love. There is never just a tinch. Open your eyes. Open your heart, and you will see that there is nothing but love in the whole wide world and beyond. Love is not limited. Your grasp may be. Your grasp may well be, and others’ grasp may also be. Otherwise, there would not be the perception of lack of love or less than love. There would be no perceived opposition to love in anyone’s heart.

There would be no hurt, intended or accidental. What could there be to hurt when love is all? The only feeling would be love, and there would be no hurt to it. Love would never be considered a weakness. You would never think to pretend love away, nor, for that matter, would you ever have to fan the flames of love. Love would be the world you walk in and the room you enter. You would also be love walking in. Your love, My love, someone else’s love, it won’t matter. It will be love. There will be no such thought as unloved or once-in-awhile love. All will be love. Nothing but love will be known.

What a walk you will have then! What a palace of love the world will be then! What royalty will all the people on Earth be? Who in the full establishment of love will not be a King or Queen, or Prince or Princess, and who will not award all love and be awarded all love? No one will be without a full share of love when love is all and all is love.

This is the Whole Truth of Love, and yet love has been restricted and restrained. You too have held love back, as if you were not supposed to love, as if you were supposed to cover up love, as if you were supposed to make it less for such reasons as modesty or not quite being worth either the giving or receiving of your share of love. Balderdash! You are meant to give love right and left. You are meant to stand up and give love with a shout, and you are meant to receive love the way you catch a ball and then toss it back.

Tell Me honestly, what do you think you are doing when you shield your heart from love and shield your heart from giving love? On every single occasion of life, what you are supposed to be doing is to initiate the giving of love, and you are supposed to be picking up love. There is nothing else for you to do with life, beloveds, except to give and receive love, in whatever order it happens to appear.

Your giving of love is not dependent upon overt receiving of love. This is not flashy love We are talking about, nor are We talking about a repressed love, nor are We talking about a forced response to love. We are talking about the giving and receiving of love from your heart, a very natural expression of love, just the courage of love.

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