Heavenletter #4517 Your Greatest World Happiness, April 7, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
The day will come, and come soon, when it comes true in your awareness of heart that it is blessed to give. Giving will be your greatest happiness. True giving is when it is your greatest happiness.

A mother knows this when she nurses her baby. It’s mutual, the mother’s giving and the baby’s receiving. They serve each other. They are both recipients.

Everyone has experienced true giving, and everyone is going to experience more and more of true giving. Suddenly, you will be there, wanting to give with all your might. Suddenly, this will be true for you. Suddenly, you won’t be counting how much or when or why to give. You will give. Giving will be your happiness.

We are talking about giving for the pure joy of giving. It isn’t dependent upon a payment of any kind. The joy is fully in the giving. Just the knowing you give with joy is enough. You couldn’t ask for more. There isn’t more you could gain, for your heart is full. Nor do you require more, and you don’t ask for it or contemplate it, for you already have the mightiness of joy.

It is like swimming. For those who love to swim, they ask for nothing but the privilege to swim, their arms stroking the water.

The gift of giving is like the joy of eating. Oh, yes, some may eat to gain weight or muscles or health of some kind, yet it is built in to eating that it be pleasure for you all of itself. As you are blessed with eating, you are blessed with giving.

This gives you an idea of how giving fits in. It is not a separate act.

Taking it a step further, giving isn’t just as good as receiving. Giving IS receiving. Giving is the fullest most powerful receiving there is. Giving and receiving are both divine acts. Not to quibble, but giving is better. It is the best of all. This is the case when giving is given for its own sake and not for any merit. We are talking about giving motivated solely by giving. Nothing comes nearer to Me than giving. Of all to be grateful for, the act of giving is the one to be most grateful for. That you are blessed to give is indeed a truth. Blessed are you who give. Blessed are you who desire to give, not only because it is right, but because it is yours to do, you would love to, and you are fulfilled. You want to give more than anything else.

You who give from a full heart transcend the joys of the world. Of course, you know a greater joy when you are giving from the deep desire of your own heart. Perhaps you have been chosen to give.

Who wouldn’t love to feel this way? Who wouldn’t give and give wholly when this is how giving would make you feel? You would love to have a big heart like this. You would love to give freely rather than giving in a stinted habitual way. You may not know how to get to that point. Your experience may be that you give more than is comfortable for you or you give up to a certain point and can go no further. You may not be pleased with the restrictions of your heart of giving, and yet you don’t seem to know how to get beyond that point.

Practice doesn’t seem to do it. Well, yes, you can’t really give fully until you are able to. Desire to give because you want to. Desires come true.

The desire to give is not all unselfish, not when it can give you such joy. Desire joy. Desire to find joy in giving. Desire to give without attachment to a gain. Desire.

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