Heavenletter #4520 Try Creativity, April 10, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
If you really and truly wanted peace, you would have it. Yes, you would. It isn’t that you really want skirmishes either, yet you do want excitement. Why is that?

I imagine excitement stirs your blood. It may get your mind off other things. I tell you what. Have your attention on that which gives you peace.

You have the conception that peace may be like cherubs playing their harps, and you’re not so sure you like such music. Perhaps you are more into rock and roll.

You may feel that Stillness and Silence and Peace are really boring. You prefer jazz and all that. You have a misconception here. Peace and Stillness and Silence are enlivening. They enliven you from the inside. Peace isn’t boring, dear ones, not at all. Consider excitation as loud music. Loud music from outside, as wonderful as it may be, keeps you from getting inside to the peace we can call, if you like, interior music or Music of the Spheres, the internal peace of God that takes you out of the mundane and puts you into the stirrings of life on a higher note.

Much exists in the world, yet when all is said and done, all that exists is the beauty and the love, and who can separate the two, so We can say that only love truly exists in the world. We can further define love as you, beloved. You and I are love, and you and I are One Love. This is the case, no matter how far-fetched this may sound to you.

You crave excitement to take your mind off your wandering, beloveds. It may be you prefer not to get anywhere. You may prefer to be a wanderer than to settle into love.

Creativity is exciting, and, through creativity is one way you come closer to Me. Taking a simple crayon and drawing with it can bring you to an ecstasy of effusion with Me. If you crave excitement, then do something creative. Leave the idea that enlivenment cannot come from within you.

Return to your inner spring, beloveds. You and I reside here together.

There are many exciting avenues in the world, and you can putter around. Inside you, there is one avenue, and that is coming closer to Me. One avenue yet in vast directions. There is no end to the discovery of creativity and Our rowing together merrily down the stream of life and love and beauty.

Yes, of course, I exist in everything. I exist in the excitement and troubles of the world as well, yet, let’s fly high together and reach the heights to which you have always wanted to reach and, yet, not quite believed you can and you will. What would keep you away from entering My heart but fear, fear that you won’t succeed, fear that maybe I am just a carrot held in front of you, fear that you would find disappointment rather than this illusive love you seek.

You have choice. And it is your choice. One of the gifts I gave human beings and to no other is free will. You have the free will to choose anything. You can choose to stir the world with anything you choose to, or by default. You can bring to yourself excitation from external stimuli, or you can bring enlivenment from your inner Self, and you can make all kinds of choices in between and back again. At the same time, you have no choice but to grow. You can fight it all you want, and, still, you will emerge a high jumper. It is your destiny to become a Great Being. Why not now?

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