Heavenletter #4523 The Beautiful Flowers and the Beautiful Stars , April 13, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You would prefer all you care about to be permanent. You would like life, portions of life anyway to stay as they are, to stay as they are, certainly, as long as you want them to. You crave stability at the same moment as you desire change. Life in the world is ever-changing. Part of you wants life in the world to never change, and part of you wants change right now, the change you want when you want it. You would like life to be many things. You want to stay in the prime of your life, and you want to live long. You want to be ever youthful, and you want to become sophisticated and wise. You want your children near you always, and you also want a break. You want many things, and yet, in the world, you can’t have them all at once. You can’t have everything stay the same. The world comes along with change built into it. Life in the world is fleeting. Time entered into the equation.

Despite what you might think, you don’t want one without the other. You don’t want permanency any more than you want temporariness.

The thing is, darlings, that you want life. You want to experience it. You want to experience the ever-changing world. You want experience. You want to taste all the treasures of life on Earth, and that includes change, even as you say you don’t want it. Whatever you want or don’t want, life is going to hand you some of both what you want and don’t want.

You want to grow wise, but not old. You want wisdom and yet to keep your youthful figure. You certainly don’t want wrinkles. In the objective world, you are on a see-saw. Wisdom goes up, and youth goes down. You know how it is. Physical beauty is a passing thing. Yet here is the joker: Everything on Earth is a passing thing. On Earth, time is passing. Although energy continues, all that you have come to know goes out the window.

All energy comes from My love, and love is never wasted. Love is never lost. Love, even if you had only glimpses of it, is secure. There is not a minute of life without love. In the world, love may be seen as chopped up, yet love is wholeness, even though you may have seen love as vagrant.

Love in the world may take forms, yet love is love. Life in the world certainly takes many forms, and, still, life is life. We could call life a string of energy wrapped around itself. At the core of life, at the core of this love energy, are you. Love rises up from the Ocean, sparkling like a dolphin.

You are not the big potentate in life you have sometimes or often liked to imagine yourself to be, nor are you the wastrel in life you have sometimes or often imagined you are. Why would you think you were not much unless you got some satisfaction from that? Your cutting yourself off has to be the biggest separation of all. You are not the ego-master you may like to project nor are you the fool you project yourself as. You are My Mighty Creation. Honor yourself, and leave ego behind.

Beloveds, you honor Me when you value the Truth of you. No longer choose dishonor of yourself. Ego and put-downs are both dishonor. In the garden you live in, pluck the most beautiful flowers and claim them as yours. Pluck the beautiful stars, and know that each one is you. The moon is you, and the sun is you, and I am you, and that is how it is.

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