Heavenletter #4524 A Fallen Cake Can Be Delicious, April 14, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
There are many things in the world that are not as they seem, are they not? A cake can look delicious and be disappointing. A cake could have fallen and be so delicious. You can’t judge a book by its cover. You know all that.

The negative is not more true than the positive.

Right now, I am referring to the put-down’s you give to yourself. I am referring to all the times when you think you are lagging behind everyone else or behind the times or slow on the uptake or not as worthy as someone else. You may represent yourself as the downfallen. I ask you to rise and be a bright light. A bright light does not bemoan its wattage.

In all matters, look for the good. Look for the good you can think about yourself. How does downplaying yourself brighten the world? You don’t have to be the other end of someone’s seesaw. Anyway, in life in the world outside of a see-saw, how do you raise someone else by putting yourself down? What kind of attention-getting purpose does that serve?

When you put yourself down, are you perhaps trying to beat someone else to it? Do you perhaps think you are being modest to put yourself down? Are you perhaps looking for a compliment? Do you put yourself down perhaps so that no one vies with you? Is it possible that you will say anything to prevent anyone’s thinking of you as a Pollyanna? Better to be a Pollyanna than a fault-finder. Negativity is not closer to the truth. Anyway, uplift yourself as well as anyone else. No one needs to point out or emphasize negativity. Negativity does well enough on its own. It doesn’t need your help. Stay away from it.

You can be modest without announcing your omissions or errors. You don’t have to brag about yourself, neither your merits or your demerits. There is no need to call attention to yourself at all. You are not on parade. You are not the leader of the band. You don’t throw darts on yourself anymore than you have to throw accolades. Slam no one.

You probably have been too centered on what others may think of you. Truly, dear ones, how necessary is someone else’s appraisal of you? Anyway, no one appreciates an appeal for approval. Are you perhaps wheedling for a loan of praise? What do you think you need it for?

Beloveds, you cannot keep up with what others think anyway. That another is not you does not make him more worthy than you. You are worthy to be My child. Welcome yourself. Be true to yourself. You are good enough for Me. Let that be good enough.

You are not here on Earth to earn brownie points, not from yourself, and not from others. You are not here on Earth on My behalf to earn merit. You are here to give service to the Universe. You have more to do than to wait for your ego to be served and your feathers smoothed.

What would you like to be on Earth here for? What can you do that serves the world and not your representation of yourself? Straighten your own shoulders. Perk yourself up by going out into the world. Enough thinking about yourself. Find something else to think about. If you are not presently proud of your God-given ability, take another look. You are here on Earth for a great purpose. Your purpose is not to put yourself down anymore than it is to pat yourself on the back. If you need some cheering up, don’t leave it to others.

There is a high road for you to take. Take it. Never mind if you trip and fall. Pick yourself up, and keep your eye on where you’re going. No more dallying.

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