Heavenletter #4525 What Runs Your Motor, April 15, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
What matters to you? What matters most to you? Take a good look. What are your priorities? What makes you tick, beloveds?

Of course, We know that it is I Who makes you tick. I am asking this question, however, in terms of the world at large on Earth that you live in. When all is said and done, what matters the most to you? You may not have been paying attention. I ask you now to take a moment to take a look.

This is not a moral question I am asking you. I am not asking you for the best answer. I ask that simply you tell Me that which moves you. There is no right or wrong here. Just asking you what, at this moment, wins the prize for you.

Yes, of course, there are universal answers, yet I am asking what in your life rocks you? This is good to know.

Take a look. Superficial answers are welcome. You don’t have to give a deep philosophic answer. You don’t have to give an admirable answer, and your answer can lead to another answer like a bird on the wing.

If you have a hard time with this question, break it down to two simple questions. Between this and that, which would you choose? I mean the same way you would ask yourself, What color do I like most? Red or green? Between two foods, what would I choose? If I had to, which would I choose.

As your questions grow, so may your insights into what makes you tick also grow. The more specific questions and the more specific answers engendered, the more aware are you of what your deepest desires may be. Don’t feel bad. You may honestly prefer life at hand to the spiritual values. We are taking a look right now at your relative values, dear ones.

A quick answer might be love. A quick answer might be God. A quick answer might be adventure. A quick answer might be home, and so on. We’re just wanting to come closer to the heart of you. All of these answers might be true. You are not a one-celled amoeba. You may have many-shaded answers that come to the fore. Sometimes your answers come down to circumstance.

For Our purposes here, it doesn’t really matter what your answers are. It matters that you take a look, and take a look without judgment. You are a human being. Even though We are all One, I’m asking this question of your individuality. All are created equal, yet all are not the same. At this juncture, We are not asking for the best answer, the highest answer. We are looking for what seems to be what is. You may surprise yourself.

Given the question, would you rather live in a mansion or in a one-bedroom apartment, your answer might surprise you either way. And one question will lead to another. Would you rather have a Jaguar or a VW?

You may never finish the questions, and you may never finish with the answers, and yet you will be closer.

Not that you have to explain, yet, in this case, you may want to ask yourself why you’d rather have a Jaguar than a VW or vice versa. You may know why without hesitation. You may not yet be aware, or fully aware, of why this answer and not another. You may see all sides of the question, and, come to think of it, you may even do a switch. Some answers you may never get to, yet you had a nice spin.

In terms of the relative world, what runs your motor?

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