Heavenletter #4528 The Role You Will Play Tomorrow, April 18, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Even in the indelicacies of life that are handed to you, there is perfection. There is perfection of a moment. The scene, as it might be played in a stage play, is presented amazingly. The bad guys, the good guys, the in-between, all are played to a T. What delivery! What performance! What a script! The sun is in the right place, and the shades and shadows are perfect too. Lights! Camera! Action! This scene could not have been performed better. It is a one-time-only event.

It may be a tragic scene or a comedy of errors or an erroneous arrest or a lovely romance, or a lovely romance gone bad that you find yourself in. This may have been a drama you would prefer not to see before you. You prefer not to be in this drama. You are perhaps presented in a light you don’t like. You may be the star, and, yet, you may well prefer not to be on this stage at all. It is all wrong for you, and yet you play your part perfectly, and you finish the whole scene. You are the consummate actor. You are actor award material. Your performance is stellar. No one can play this part better than you or even as well as you. No one can repeat the perfection of this ad-libbed scene nearly as well as you. No one can tell that you are acting. You are a natural for it.

Even if you were to replay this scene, you couldn’t have done it so immaculately as you did. There are no run-through’s for you. No rehearsals. No reading the script ahead of time. You are just thrown on the set, and you take your cues from what is going on around you and the lines that the other actors on stage with you speak.

Perhaps you are on trial for your life. Suddenly, you are in criminal court, your case being tried. You don’t know what you’re doing there or how you happen to be here. You are thrown in. Whether you committed the act you are accused of or not, it doesn’t matter. You may be innocent, and you play your part to the hilt, and are found guilty. You may be guilty, play your part to the hilt, and are found innocent.

It can be you are in court on a traffic violation. If you are the respondent, this is a big case for you. If you are the judge, it is a minor case, one of many lined up. In either case, you are both eager for it to be finished. There may be no fine involved or a big fine imposed. In any case, to you, there is also the principle of the thing.

Life as it appears before you, premeditated or out of the blue, is in bright color right before you. There is no cessation of scenes.

Whether it makes good sense to you or no sense at all, life is a drama perfectly cast and perfectly played out. Nothing can equal life’s drama. Life is the Greatest Show on Earth, and you star in it without cease. Even when you are asleep, you are in an interesting scene. Bit player or star, you excel. You may not like the part, yet you excelled in it. You are a master in the part you play. You are great.

It seems as if many scenes are thrust upon you. Somehow you are cast in the part, even when it seems like you have no choice, no choice at all, no choice whatsoever, and yet it is you who shows up for this drama in your life. You may think you are no more than an innocent bystander. Nevertheless, you show up. You are standing in the audition line. It certainly feels like you have been chosen, and yet you choose your place in line. You may not remember applying for this part of yours, and, yet, you are quite a performer. Somehow, here you are on stage, seemingly unable to get a day off. Even so, you have a say in what role you will play tomorrow.

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