Heavenletter #4532 The Day You’ve Been Waiting For , April 22, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Wake up, little ones. The day you’ve been waiting for is here. All that is missing is your waking up to it. The sun is out, only you are still a little sleepyhead.

Rub your eyes, and you will see a new world before you, yours for the asking. That is, you did ask for it, and now it is here. Your desires for the Universe are awaiting you. Now you wake up, and now you enjoy the fruits of your life and work.

You have not been just a body hanging out on Earth. You have been a soul imaging Me, reflecting Me, acting as My advocate, My sponsor, My love. Yes, you have. You have been responding to My pleas for the raising of the world. Only you could raise it. It needed you. The new world called to you, and you answered. Even though at the time, you didn’t know who you really are, you answered. You came to the fore. You see, all My desires are fulfilled. You fulfill them.

You think it is I Who fulfills your desires. You are the fulfiller. I do My utmost. I can do nothing else but My utmost. My utmost is Love, and, so, you My love, took on service to Me, and you have been victorious in blessing the Earth and all those within it and beyond it.

You are the savior of My Will and Desire. You who are My desire came into existence for the upliftment of the world. You raised Me on High by the virtue of Our love. We invested in each other, and this is how dreams come true. This is how blessings come. Never forget that you are a blessing to Me, and that you serve more than Me. You serve the Universe. You serve your neighbor. You serve in the name of love, and so We are love, one immense Vast unconquerable love, love immersed in love and Being and goodness and mercy. Despite what your individuality may appear to you, you are Love Incarnate and you are on Earth to bless the entire Unity of Life here or there and everywhere, even when space does not exist, even when time does not exist. You are the blessing We have all been waiting for. You have hastened to My side. You bowed down to Me in your heart, and you, even if unbeknownst to you, asked:

“Father, how can I serve You? What can I do for You? Tell me what I can do to fulfill Your Will, not mine?”

I boomed the Word, “Love.”

You said: “If I only knew how.”

I replied: “By living in the world.”

You said: “That’s it?”

I said, “Yes, that’s it. By your grace, love and peace will overtake the whole wide world. Because of you, My Will is done.”

Then you are speechless. Your heart asks: “Thy Will is done? Where, O God, is Thy Will done? Where is it? I still see a heartbroken world.”

I answer you silently: “When you open your eyes, you will see. And as you see, the whole world sees its own majesty. You will see with your heart, beloved. Within your desire is the crowning of your desire which is Mine, the self-same desire. This is Our Unity. This day all that We yearned for has come to pass. All is done, and now you begin to live the joy I made you for. Brotherhood has arrived. That is all that has been missing. Now you enjoy the fruits of a job well done. You spread this joy before all. Now what is remaining for you is to enjoy the feast that you say I put before you, yet it was you who prepared the feast, and in your name, I thank you.”

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