Heavenletter #4534 A Twice-Told Tale, April 24, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Always, without fail, I speak to each of you. That you may not hear Me whispering to you is another story. That is a twice-told tale, and it is handed down from generation to generation. To some there is nothing new that can be known. Yet there is the new, and the new will be placed before those who believe and those who do not just the same. Favor the new. You might as well.

It may well be that someone refutes Me. It may well be that those who do not hear Me have the mindset that it is not possible to hear, and, in that case, they cannot hear. Whereas belief isn’t everything by a long shot, nevertheless, not believing you can hear Me while you are a mortal being on Earth may ensure that you don’t. It well may, yet, just the same, you can hear Me even over your idea that you cannot. There is no cannot in Heaven. Think of all the matters that were once disbelieved in, and, yet, now are well ensconced in the world. You know, the Earth is flat, man cannot fly, no one can ever break the swimming record, and then someone did, and more and more.

Once seen, what was once disbelieved, even scoffed at, becomes believed in and beloved. All the people nod their heads now. The dial is set, and the whole world follows. Seeing is believing is not novel, yet it stays so. It has been said more than once. Once you have seen for yourself, it makes sense to go along with the tide. And for those who cannot let go of old beliefs, they are adamant and won’t or can’t budge, so great is attachment to the past. It’s as if some see letting go as a sign of letting go too easily. Indeed, it would take force for some to let go of their fierce devotion to a stance from yesteryear.

Sometimes the past is a palliative. Sometimes when you believe in something and don’t know how to let it go, something will occur that shakes you loose, and then you become a discoverer and then you have lifted your head, yet new may also be replaced down the road.

How do you know when you are being rigid, and how do you know when you are letting down your barriers too easily as if you are mindlessly following the crowd, as if you have no character of your own? How do you know when you are capitulating or when you are embracing a new arena of thought? How do you know anything? You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Nobody does. What can you predict? Not even the weather, so it seems.

And, yet, you are not meant to close your eyes. You are meant to see. Be in accord with Me now. Look to see Me. Come closer to Me even when you don’t know what anything means. You are something. You ARE. And you are for something, not for nothing.

Know this, beloveds. The best is yet to come. That is inevitably the Truth. Yes, always We are getting closer to the Truth. Whether eagerly or with fierce resistance, you will change some of your beliefs. Why not? Beliefs are beliefs. You are a believer in something. A man can believe he is healed, and he is healed. A man can believe that he cannot be healed, and he cannot. And then, thrown into the mix are those who believe they are healed and are not yet, and those who do not believe, and they are healed.

Life on Earth is a mix of many things. What do you believe that you must exclude from your life? And what do you believe you can keep in? And what is so hard about changing where you happen to be right now?

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