Heavenletter #4539 The Time of Your Life, April 29, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Time is quite a bug-a-boo in the world. Time comes and goes like the wind. Time comes and goes in the same instant, and you can’t really get a handle on it any more than you can on the wind. Yes, time, yes, time appears and disappears, well as quickly as a gust of wind. No one can stop time. No one can catch it. Time is carried on the wind. Where are time and the wind located? They leave as soon as they arrive. Truly, they both escape you. Here today and gone tomorrow. Rather, here for an instant and gone in an instant. The wind can blow you away, and time fluffs you off. They both are up, up, and away. You can’t rely on them. They may be swift, or they may be slow. They don’t care what you think of them. They go along as they want. They can sweep you up, or they can leave you high and dry. You are at their whim. Time can be measured increment by increment. Even so time is as much a fly-by-night as the wind is.

Truly, you can’t see the wind. You can only see the aftermath of the wind. Even when the wind is a breeze, it passes by, irrespective of you. Time also leaves you in its wake, so fair passing your cheek it is.

Time looks neither to the left or the right. It is true time marches on. Yet sometimes it seems to march fast, and sometimes it seems to march slow. Neither time nor wind are what they appear. They are con artists. They are consummate con artists. They are not dependable. They are not constant. They are will-o-the-wisps. They can get you out of breath, yet they are impassive. They can push or pull you. They can’t make up their minds.

They may be lovely. You may enjoy them, yet, the next thing you know, they have left you high and dry. They are like marauders.

It has been discovered that the wind can be harnessed for energy, yet the rush for time is debilitating. Time would rush off with you. Time teases you as it swings and sways. Time flirts with you. Time meters your time, and the minutes add up, and, sooner or later, you have to pay. The wind may tease and flirt with you as well. It may lift your skirt and mess your hair and dry your skin. It makes no difference to the wind.

Time will definitely age you, and age you without mercy. Time may take its time, yet it will definitely age you. It doesn’t make you younger. Time goes along whistling, not caring one whit what it does to you.

Yes, time and wind are ravagers. What do they care? They keep running off. They are impassive, without a care in the world. And, yet, you run on the wings of time even as you cannot keep up. The wind and time are both errant lovers. They may leave you in the lurch without even giving you a side glance or the time of day.

You have knuckled under time while it laughs at you. You may buy coats and hats and mittens and muffs, and still the wind laughs at you. Yes, time and the wind seem to be laughing up their sleeves, pushing and pulling you as if you don’t matter at all. They are dancers while you can’t keep up with them and seem to only know how to bow down to them.

Yes, you are the servant of time, and you race around the clock. The winds chase you or run away from you, and so does time. Time doesn’t pause for you, and yet you go by time and it becomes your master. Time is a task-master. It is a tick-tock master, and you its loyal servant.

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